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    And create one long queue instead of two shorter ones .Do away with all multi carriageways ,keep it fair ,no one miffed at the jumpers

    Doesn't say force your way into a space that isn't there taking the cones with you in the Highway code mind
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    It a git big fuck off steelamroller
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  3. The fact that 3 cars merged within a few seconds in moving traffic is clearly being overlooked here as some aren't looking closely enough. There were 3 cars that had merged alternatively, starting with the white Mercedes which merged at the cones. The last of the 3 was was the silver Fiesta that the cam driver let in so he would have been next.

    These quick merges obviously created some space up ahead in the right lane though traffic was moving slowly anyway. The 2 Audi's could clearly see these 3 merges yet still decided they'd jump a couple of cars in the left lane (this is known as self entitlement and disregard for other road users, aka twattish behaviour). As traffic was moving slowly then they simply merged in flow rather than getting to the cones and then ending up with a stop/start/'twat or not' scenario. Merging in turn just a few cars before the cones means the traffic going through the cones is constantly moving with no hestitation etc wasting time. The fact that 2 cars could have fit in the right lane isn't going to create chaos further down the lanes now is it? The 2 Audis could have just kept moving along in the right lane and simply merged in turn over the next 20 metres or so just like the previous 3.

    The 1st Audi then jumps ahead of the Fiesta that had already been let in so the next Audi drivers reckons she should be let in after the Fiesta. Aye there is the Highway Code shite which is vague to say the least but if you can't see who is in the wrong here then it's no wonder the roads are the state they are. The clear fact is that the cars had been merging in turn, it's just 3 had merged in turn together rather than 1 every few seconds creating a little bit of space.

    These 3 cars could have waited until the cones but if drivers merge right at the end then it doesn't work. That is because those in the left lane don't always let them in (the same twattish behaviour as they reckon the right lane should have taken a place in the left lane earlier like they probably did).

    That's why merging just 3 cars back is perfectly fine as it saves the potential build up at the merge which then creates more build up but also gives room for drivers to sort it out before having to stop and them or both have end up being a twat.

    It's called 'merge in turn' for a reason, not 'merge in if you can nip to the front in the empty right lane jumping a couple of cars after they've merged' It seems that some drivers on here seem to think that it is the latter which just shows why the standard of driving is shite.

    If I was the 1st Audi driver then I'd have driven slowly in the right lane and simply merged in turn a few seconds later behind the cam driver rather than jumping an extra car or 2. That would have kept the left lane/right lane merge even and fair for all drivers but also kept traffic flowing slowly given I didn't have to stop for the cones (and not drive through them like that stupid fucking Audi driver!)

    If you still can't grasp what I've just bleated on about at length then if you had let the Audi driver in, what happens with the next bunch of merges when the right lane now has even more room? Do you let all those right lane drivers in also and so on and so on? Is that what you would class as the 'merge in turn' system working as it should or is it more like 3 from the left lane and 5 from the right?
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    Why didn't she just wait? Like many dtivers, they think they have a God given right.
  5. Is the driver in the next lane breaching the highway code by deciding not to let her in and assuming she'll try and merge in front of the next vehicle?
  6. I think you missed the beginning of the video as they had been taking turns though. The 3 cars from the right had merged with 3 cars in the left lane leaving the dash cam driver the last of the 'merged' cars.

    As I said, if they merge 1 at a time at the cones then it normally creates the stop/start/'twat or not' scenario. The cars had already been merging taking turns correctly and they just did it in time to keep traffic flowing temporarily creating a little bit of room in the right lane. The 2 Audi's thought they'd jump the queue just because 2 'extra' spaces had now been made due to the merges.

    So as I said, is this now a 3 from the left and 5 from the right merge in turn rule? How would that work with the next set of merges, same again or 5 from the left and 3 from the right? ;)

    The simple fact here is that some drivers has a sense of self entitlement and couldn't give a fuck about other drivers. The 2 Audis could and should have easily driven slowly and merged in after the dash cam driver after a few metres and keeping the left lane traffic flowing but also keeping the merge in turn working as it should.
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    The first Audi driver chanced the Ford driver being in a good mood as s/he had just been let in. I do the same from time to time. The second one chanced her arm a bit further. Bloke in van did accelerate a wee bit to squeeze her out. If I'd been in a good mood, I'd have just let her in, if I was in a bad mood I would probably have doe the same as him.

    If I was Audi wifey, and someone did that, I'd have taken it on the chin, hung back, admit "defeat" on tat one and waited for the next person to let me in, giving them a massive "Thank You" hand signal and flashed my hazards as an additional mark of respect.

    At the end of the day, how any of us would react would depend on many factors. How desperate we were to get to our destination, what mood we were in, if you needed a piss, if she was fit, how long we'd been stuck in the traffic. Loads of variables come into play.

    Humans are complicated beasties to work out.
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    :lol::lol: chuckling away here.

    @Mackem going in hard with the analysis also! :D
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  9. Just killing it as usual with the in depth analysis :lol: The simple fact overlooked by a few on here is that the 3 cars in the left lane had allowed 3 cars in the right to merge in turn ahead of them already. It's just the last 2 right lane cars did it a few car length earlier but still within a reasonable distance to keep traffic flowing slowly. That then doesn't mean the 2 Audis can then get ahead of the merge if they purposely move ahead in the right lane rather than wait a few seconds for their 'turn to merge' after a few car lengths ;)
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    We need a government broadcast explaining merge in turn. 90% of people just dinnit understand.

    Audi was still a twat like.
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    I still can't get over the fact she drove into the cones :lol::lol: all to prove she was right (she was wrong like) what a stupid fucking bint :lol:
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    Also, the thing about shoving her foot under his wheel to stop him driving away! Who the flop would do that ? Screaming like a stuck pig pretending she had been 'run over', when she was also running back to her car a few seconds later. I suspect mental health problems (or she hasn't been getting any).
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    The lie about running over her foot was because she knows she was wrong and used anything to blame the driver.
    If he was one of my drivers I'd have sided with him but I'd have told him next time just let her in and avoid confrontation
  15. daft bint.
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    I could not understand it myself. Audi too.
  17. She's a massive twat. And a liar - stating that he hadn't let anyone in, stating that he had ran over her foot, stating that he had "made" her drive into the cones....a right little Betty Bullshitter, little did she know that he was recording the entire thing :lol::lol:
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    she does not hav the right to barge in when she wants. she is right to use the outside lane, but she has no right to knock over the cones and that puts her even more into the category of driving without DC&A
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  19. He didn't "have" to let her in because he had already done his "merge in turn" with the Ford. Merge in turn is such an incredibly basic concept to grasp and perform, I really don't get why so few understand it. It means each car lets one car in. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO simple.

    It's ONE! FFS! That's what "in turn" means - you each take a turn letting someone in.

    It's completely relevant - he had already taken his "turn" of the "merge in turn" direction by allowing the Ford to merge. If he wanted to let another car merge thats then up to him, but he had already complied with the signs and the HW code. It was the "turn" of the vehicle behind him to let her Audi merge.

    Exactly, and so as you have said here yourself, he had already taken his "turn"
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    He's already let one in which in turn let another one in, how many should he let in before it's his turn to go?

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