Sajid Javid - Asian Paedophile Gangs

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Aituk7, Nov 8, 2018.

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    I think that the acts themselves are divisive... someone calling them out as what they are can only be a positive.

    It does seem to be a cultural thing.

    I'm sorry but on what basis is the Catholic church full of sick bastards?
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  2. I agree. The fact is, is that 'some' men are just dirty bastards and will exploit the young and vulnerable if conditions allow them.
    Rape has happened for many thousands of years, in all societies, and sadly will continue to happen. It can only be minimised by creating conditions that target and better the conditions of the vulnerable, victims and any potential victim.
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    Erm the amount of paedo priests for a kick off, that's before we even get to the massive coverups by the church that have went on for years over literally 1000s of crimes that have been committed both here and worldwide
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    French Bishops launch 'independent' commission on sex abuse in Catholic Church - CNN

    Both from the last 24 hours too.

    As you say it does seem to be a cultural thing.
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    Yes but when those men have religious leaders telling them that what they are doing is not only ok, but correct, then it goes beyond the realms of just being "human nature"
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    She also has form when it comes to racism.

    Her rabid rants in the 80s made her an easy target for sun readers

    How she's held onto her position in shadow government is beyond me
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    It certainly was on Newsnight yesterday, looked spaced out
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  9. Mr Nazir Afzal on the BBC's PM programme 19/10/2018 (quoted comment spoken at approx. 34 minutes 10 seconds): PM - 19/10/2018 - BBC Sounds

    Former North West Chief Prosecutor alleges that Home Office ordered police to ignore grooming gang claims in 2008

    I know folk won't like the source, but horrible if true. Sorry if SEB.
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  10. This ,

    Calling it extremely low regard is being polite ,white women in general are shit on the bottom of these peoples shoes and deserve raping .
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    Surely those religious leaders could be prosecuted for incitement to cause a crime then? In fact could a religion that encourages this sort of behaviour be outlawed??
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  12. There’s no getting away from the fact that most of the big groups of nonces prosecuted recently have been of Pakistan origin and that does need to be factored into any future investigations in the same way any trait is used to catch people upto no good.
    I just hope that the authorities carry on looking into all abuse though and not just these groups of sick people. They do however seem to catch big numbers when they do.
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    Christ if that's true there could be a massive scandal with a lot of recriminations being thrown about.
    Also with the accusation coming a guy that prosecuted the Rochdale mob it's got to be taken seriously
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    I've said this for years. The Spectator is quite openly backing him for it now.
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    The authorities will well aware of who they are and what they get up to but there seems to be an unwillingness to upset the Muslim community until they perpetrators have overstepped the mark by a considerable amount.
    As for banning a religion, Its against everything we stand for in a democracy. It would only be banned in public places anyway. It would still be preached behind closed doors, probably even more so.
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    It's not only endemic in the Pakistani community. They just seem to be not very good at covering it up, unlike other groups in society. They're also a convenient smoke screen.

    He's utterly thick as fuck. So, aye, you're probably right. This latest rape stuff is probably part of his pitch.
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    But very,very accurate.
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