Sajid Javid - Asian Paedophile Gangs

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    Sajid Javid: People offended by 'Asian' paedophile comment 'oversensitive'

    Sajid Javid: People offended by 'Asian' paedophile comment 'oversensitive'

    The home secretary says he was simply stating a "sad truth" that will "fuel" the far-right unless it is confronted.

    Sajid Javid has defended branding a grooming gang "sick Asian paedophiles", saying those who criticised him for it were being "oversensitive".

    His Labour shadow, Diane Abbott, was among those to criticise the post, saying that "attempts by… the government to attribute these crimes to one ethnic group does nothing to support these vulnerable women".

    Speaking from Seattle, Washington, Mr Javid explained why he had commissioned research since the trial to "see if there are any cultural issues".

    "I don't regret it at all," he told Sky News.

    He added that "part of the problem" was that police and social workers "didn't take this issue seriously enough because they didn't want to be accused of racism and that's wrong".

    Well said, seriously, well fucking said. Not only addressing the issue (he didn't mention the religious element, but I'll let that slide) because for the home secretary to call it what it is, explain that not addressing the issue properly fuels the far right, which it most certainly does at a detriment to our country and that he has commissioned a report to be made into this is imo only right.

    But for Dianne Abbott to bring ethnicity into it, when "asisns" aren't a fucking ethnicity for one the clown. The thing is she might have actually had a point had she said it's not a majority Asian problem, it's a majority muslim pakistani/bangledeshi problem... but I'm so glad in this current culture of people constantly apologising he has doubled down and stuck to his guns.

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  2. EDGE

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    Abbott is an arse.
  3. Bishop Boy

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    Abbott showing yet more why her lot should not be in power as they are even more mental than the tories which takes some doing.

    Well play Home Secretary for saying it how it is, not often that happens.
  4. ravydavygravy

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    Off her tits that Abbot fella.
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  5. GK

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    Asian isn't an ethnicity? Since when?
  6. niceonemarra

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    Was Tommy Robinson right then..
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  7. Keawyeds

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    "Asian" is a pretty sweeping generalisation mind
  8. It's divisive from the tories which is no surprise, I can see Abbotts point here despite her being generally loathsome
  9. ---Nemo---

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    Brave man IMO. Not only his career at risk and I can understand why he didn't mention religion.
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  10. Mackem00

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    Her lot? Wimen of colour? Disgusting.
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  11. Harry Angstrom

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    Mainly Pakistani and muslim would be a better description. Not as quick a soundbite though.
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  12. r@mside

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    Did I read it wrong, or did Javid confess that raping kids is part of his culture?

    No wonder he was drawn to Westminster.
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  13. Bishop Boy

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    Labour, stop being a millenial snowflake full of faux outrage.
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  14. Keawyeds

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    Americans say "people of colour" and that seems to work for them. I appreciate that it sounds a bit odd to us, but the fact is that not everyone is white or black.
    Not everyone who you would say is black, would class themselves as black.

    Mrs K's consultant at work is of Portuguese heritage and has quite olive skin. If she goes on holiday and gets even more tanned so to speak, her mother says "You look black".

    I've always found "Asian" to be a strange one considering the size of "Asia" and the difference in peoples and ethnicity within it.
    America say "Asian" but mean Chinese and far eastern countries, but not say India, Pakistan and Middle East countries. I think they still say "Persian".

    Being white is a such a cop out :lol:
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Everyone now knows there were failings in bringing these people to court based on race but i don't see why you can't just say sick Paedophiles and leave the Asian bit out.They aren't exclusive just operate a bit better
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  16. Keawyeds

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    Exactly. You're a paedophile first, and whatever comes after that is secondary.
  17. That's a bit harsh calling jazzman a nonce like.
  18. Bulmers

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    Hang on your whole shtick is you can't be racist cos islam is a religion and furthermore these people do these things because islam teaches them to regard women and especially white women as fair game. But now he is addressing the issue even though he has avoided the religious element. It is almost as if in your own mind asian is synonymous with muslim and you have been misrepresenting yourself all along

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Not a big fan of Abbott but all she's saying is it doesn't help the victims .Getting rid of Asian paedophiles won stop paedophilia

    I've had my moments
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  20. HABA87

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    A person of Pakistani heritage saying something the reaking righties might want to hear.

    This should be good.

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