Paraplegic man drags himself through airport

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  1. Actually, his biggest gripe is that the airport couldnt provide a self propelled wheelchair like lots of other airports do

    People are getting confused with definition of equality. Equality doesn't mean treating people the same, it should mean making sure that everybody can reach the same end goal. If that means treating some people different to achieve that then that's fine
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  2. Sir Lancelot

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    His goal was to leave the airport. He was given an option but chose to refuse it.
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  3. richyrich

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    Worra fucking idiot.
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  4. bobpc30

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    Exactly, but it will be.
  5. George Kaplan

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    I’m trying to understand this.

    I imagine he’s angry and hugely frustrated at the instant inability of service providers, building and infrastructure designers and transportation organisations to recognise his- and thousands of other disabled peoples needs. I imagine the constant battle for personal independence and the fraught nature of flying (think about it; the toilets would be impossible, getting on and off, getting around the airport - just imagine for a moment his life).

    Then they lose a 20 grand wheelchair. That gives me a modicum of dignity

    I’d be fucking furious. And possibly go a bit overboard. And be an arsehole.

    People were doing their best. But maybe ‘best’ is in need of improvement.

    Just thought I’d add a little different perspective.

    My first reaction was that he was being an attention seeking unnecessarily arseholy knacker.
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  6. kamaras-tash

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    On his arse
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  7. Under the Equality Act he can expect an airport to make 'reasonable adjustments ' to allow him to keep a level of independence. It is more than reasonable to expect an airport to keep a small stock of self propelled wheelchair like other airports.

    Thats the law which the airport have failed to adhere to
  8. ilovehorswill

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    I'm sorry he lost his wheelchair but this simply wouldn't have happened before Facebook etc. He would have used the one supplied then got his own back without any publicity.
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  9. bobpc30

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    The airport staff did not force him to act like a knob.
    Ways and means of doing things.
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  10. I agree. He could have handled it better but it's probably not the first time this has happened to him as it's happened twice to me so he'll be highly pissed off
  11. portypaul

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    Did you see it after he dragged it through the airport
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  12. kamaras-tash

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    Was a bit red
  13. parttimer

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    I'd imagine the law protects against discrimination and exclusion rather than laying down specifics to suit individual demands or desires. The airport offered assistance which whilst not to this chaps satisfaction clearly demonstrated that they were not discriminating against disabled passengers.

    He needed assistance for a very short amount of time to travel through the airport and their offered method of assistance hardly falls under the banner of offensive or degrading. It's not like they were trying to bundle him into a shopping trolley. He's disabled, he had no need to feel degraded or humiliated about that and the airport was not trying to make him feel that way. I get why those that are disabled are placing a high value on independence and absobloodylutely right that they do, but for the sake of what, 20 or 30 minutes tops, I find his attitude a bit twattish to be honest.
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  14. joemcdokes

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    How was the floor, did you get really dirty dragging yourself along it?
  15. Mackem00

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    Agree with this. What would happen if the lad needed to go for a shit or summit?

    That's 2 crap comparisons you've done now. ;)
  16. Market Where?

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    I would guess he would be much better off crawling through everyone’s piss in the bog rather than asking his mate to push Hume to the disabled loo in a wheelchair.
  17. Mackem00

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    I disagree but fair enough.
  18. DazFTM

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    That’s the crux of the biscuit: what was a, “reasonable adjustment” in these circumstances? The airport will argue it is a question of how to facilitate his way through the airport; not of how they ensure his independence.
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  19. Bishop Boy

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    Stop using common sense. It is not tolerated on the site.
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