Paraplegic man drags himself through airport

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MackneyHackem, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. MackneyHackem

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  2. No I didn't, I had to pay for repairs to my chair though. So that was poor from the airport/airline.
  3. Harry Angstrom

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    What has that got to do with the bloke dragging himself through the airport? Why did you pay for the repairs?
  4. It was an example of how shite the airline was when I travelled. I paid because when they give me my chair back at Faro airport it was aleady assembled. Once I got outside airport I noticed that the device that allows me to fold the back down was broken. Airport said I should have checked when I got it back straightaway. They wouldn't do anything.

    Do you think breaking equipment is acceptable?
  5. Harry Angstrom

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    Do I think breaking equipment is acceptable? Yes.
  6. Fair enough, I don't.
  7. Harry Angstrom

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    Do you think they do it deliberately?
  8. No I don't, why would I think that? Do I think they are careless, need to train staff better and actually give a shit? Yes
  9. Probably
    But sitting on a baggage trolley massively increasing a pressure injury risk, crawling on his arse, again risking injury to an area of the body with nerve damage probably isn’t the way to highlight that need of the airport to move forward.
    I know with me not being a wheel chair user that I probably don’t understand but dragging my arse through the terminal isn’t a choice I would make to highlight my point.
    He could have gained better publicity by not being a bit of a nob.
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  10. Harry Angstrom

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    Maybe the don't like dealing with the disabled. I live a charmed life because most things go right on a daily basis.

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