Oxford student stabs boyfriend - could be spared jail

Discussion in 'SMB' started by UTW, May 16, 2017.

  1. Boz33

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    Aye it does seem she has a massive case of entitlement. She should be over the moon to get off the hook so lightly , but nope she's gonna spunk a load of money trying to appeal any punishment at all.
    And the fucked up thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if she succeeded and the judge coming out with some shit about clearing her record so she can carry on with her life without the stigma...may even have a case for compo off the victim for the shit he's put her through...and a replacement knife:lol:
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  2. Hang the aristo bitch high !
  3. Doggerland Mackem

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    Agreed. It doesn't matter who she is, she unlawfully wounded her partner with a potentially deadly weapon. If I was the prosecution I would be readying an appeal against a non-custodial sentence.

    If you attach someone with a knife, you go to prison and receive your counseling whilst serving that sentence. You are released when you are no longer considered a danger.

    I've just added her to the danger shag thread in Parsnip. ;)
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  4. Randy Ostrich

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    You've just reminded me about Michael Turner's red card man :evil:
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  5. Mackemed

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    And her sex.
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  6. Frijj

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    So much inverse snobbery :D
  7. Tadger

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    Not exactly inverse snobbery if her privilege is allowing her to get a lighter sentence than someone less so.

    For fuck’s sake.
  8. nyron4england

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    obviously. it's the SMB :lol: on a serious note, if she was a scratter she would be on a tag at least
  9. kossoff

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    Or if she was male...
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  10. nyron4england

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    male in jail!
  11. AlpineExile

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    And with #metoo trending on twitter.
  12. nyron4england

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    actually, if she had any sense she should have claimed that he had previously looked at her tits without consent.
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  13. Mr Redknapp

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    Some of you lot would sentence her to a good bottom slapping :lol:
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  14. Mackem00

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    Should have been given a custodial sentence imo.
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  15. abbs

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    Domestic violence aswell !

    this case is shocking, what she does for a living shouldn’t matter , she should be in jail
  16. Chappers

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    He was more than likely being a dick.
    She is fit.
    It was only in his leg.
    She has talent.
    She was drunk.
    She is fit.
    Let her off.
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  17. Son of Stan

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    What's the tune? I read it with Jilted John in my head. 'It's not fair...yeah yeah...' :lol:
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  18. Reduced to an extended tickle on appeal.
  19. Slippery Jim

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    This is definitely the look of a woman who is thinking about stabbing someone. :eek:

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  20. ouro

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    My daughter's middle name is Lavinia, named after my dear old grandma who died weeks before she was born.
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