Oxford student stabs boyfriend - could be spared jail

Discussion in 'SMB' started by UTW, May 16, 2017.

  1. Arkle

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    Ah, right. Hadn't looked at the Mail.
  2. molthemackem

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    a good piece questioning why the girl is not going to do time.
  3. Bishop Boy

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  4. the downside of living in sunderland laid bare, down south you get multi millionaires daughters on tinder, we get big Julie from hendon with 10 kids on up here :lol:
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  5. AlpineExile

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  6. Harry Angstrom

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  7. ajthemackem

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    My Nan's called Lavinia. That's honestly only the second time I've ever seen that name.
  8. AlpineExile

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    She's didn't happen to grow up just off Junction Road in Norton/Stockton in a very large family, did she?
  9. ajthemackem

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    Large family, but Consett.
  10. PTR

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    When you appeal, you can end up given a harsher sentence, right? Fingers crossed.
  11. kossoff

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    Judge sounds like he's been getting some favours...
  12. AlpineExile

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    Phew, cos that one had been in my class for two years and was a right old ***** **** ******, ******* *****, etc.
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  13. Maybe she should've shown unwavering determination not to try to kill someone.
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  14. kossoff

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    Definitely wad though.
  15. ajthemackem

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    Ah she's in her 80s with dementia now man. :lol:
  16. Some Random Guy

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    Pissed me off this one.

    Avoided prison so her medical career wouldn't be affected?

    A violent, drug using, alcoholic, should have their medical career affected FFS.

    She wants to be a surgeon? I wouldn't let her perform surgery on me. Go in for my appendix out and lose a kidney because she got pissed up after an argument with her husband.
  17. Boz33

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    Gotta admire the sheer gall of the girl appealing what was a stupidly lenient sentence to start with
  18. gazc24

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    It's like winning the lottery by stealing the ticket and then going to Camelot "I want more money"
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  19. HABA87

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    She'll probably win.

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