Oxford student stabs boyfriend - could be spared jail

Discussion in 'SMB' started by UTW, May 16, 2017.

  1. Slippery Jim

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    Your grandma was still-born? How does that work? :eek:
  2. ouro

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    I forgot the grammar Nazis love it on here. OK then 'who died weeks before aforementioned daughter was born'. Who fucking talks like that man?
  3. Slippery Jim

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    One does.
  4. becs

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    Ridiculous that. There should be no excuses for potential careers. If you stab someone you should be punished for it, end of!
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  5. Mackem00

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    You'd think we'd all be in agreement with that wouldn't you? :lol:
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  6. Some Random Guy

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    If she was ugly those defending her would want her locked up.
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  7. nyron4england

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    wheese defending her like? someone on here?
  8. Chappers

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    Well of course :rolleyes:
  9. Nipple Salad

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    Surgeon and indeed Doctor are very tough career paths.

    She doesn't seem to deal with stress very well.

    Putting someone even slightly unbalanced in a high stress position of life-or-death responsibility isn't very bright.

    Forcing daddy to pay for intensive anger management therapy wouldn't be a bad thing
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  10. garyswc

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    Presumably there is quite a difference in the length of time before her conviction for wounding with intent becomes classed as spent if the sentence is custodial / suspended compared with if she was just fined and ordered to pay costs and maybe keep the peace for a year?
  11. And people wishing rape upon him
  12. Joe Public

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    My mate stabbed his lass in the leg with a fork, went to jail for it. Can’t even fork your own lass now without getting locked up.
  13. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    Now she's got used to the fact she's not going to jail, she has forgot how lucky she was and now wishes to have the bender set aside so as not to be barred from medicine under crb requirements.
    This lass does not have and will not obtain the mental grip to be a surgeon, it's just an indulgence to keep that particular dream alive.
    It will probably be granted by her class compatriots.
  14. We all make mistakes when we are young, particularly after we've had a few. It seems harsh that the rest of your life can be severely changed for one moment of madness that has not led to serious long term harm.

    That said, this girl clearly does not appear to have the mental "toughness" needed to survive in the NHS, and as a surgeon, one of the most stressful jobs of all. I say let her go back to Uni, let her have a stab at a life if she is genuinely remorseful and intent on change. But let her know that she can't be a doctor. Thats punishment enough for her actions. There's a million and one other things she could do.
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  15. Boz33

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    In fairness a mistake is maybe getting caught pissing up a wall off a copper while pissed, or maybe getting locked up for drunk and disorderly.
    Sticking a knife in some fucker is a little bit different from the usual antics of pissed younguns.
  16. Effrafax

    Effrafax Midfield

    This, she fucking stabbed someone
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  17. Some mistakes are worse than others, admittedly, but they are still mistakes made in the heat of the moment whilst under the influence. To be honest I don't know the ins or outs of this but if she has no previous and this was out of character at a highly stressful time then i could, actually understand it.

    What doesnt help her is she is an Oxbridge girl from privileged backgrounds. Its harder to garner pity when people perceive a social injustice in the first place. I do not condone her in any way, shape or form, but if she'd been local girl from a poor background who'd worked her way up then many more maybe giving her the second chance.
  18. yamar1

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  19. MackemBob

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    Aye, I once got pulled up by a short arse copper for mooning the workers in the local kebab shop. Can’t remember why I thought it was a good idea at the time.
  20. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    I'm pretty sure there are loads of stabbings that are done on the spur of the moment/ first time offences. do we treat them all with such lenient sentences.
    As for garnering pity, if anything being an Oxbridge girl helped her get pity and leniency from the one person that mattered at the time...the judge.

    I wonder if the same leniency would have been shown to some girl doing hairdressing at college.

    Certain crimes are beyond the pissed up mistake excuse, and consistency has to be shown across the board IMO. Would we be having the same thoughts of leniency if she'd hit an artery and the poor fucker she stabbed bled out. Same circumstances but just a couple of inches difference in aim?
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