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Discussion in 'SMB' started by jacko100, Jul 15, 2017.

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    All I can see there is opportunity.
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  2. Nipple Salad

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    After years of Tom Baker it was a real hoof in the spuds

    I'm disappointed they chose a generic soap bird as the first female mind, you need someone with a bit about them

    Helen Mirren to play it straight, Tilda Swinton because she looks like an alien anyway or a wildcard like Tim Baker was...

    Miriam Margolyes as Dr Who

    Or Aubrey Plaza. She'd do a job
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  3. Overall the reaction has been really positive. You're being a bit daft marra.
  4. Dogbark

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    Down to budget cuts no doubt :lol:
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  5. She's never done a soap.

    Jesus wept, your suggestions are two film stars, a goblin, and a yank. :lol:
  6. janiep

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    I like it. All of those would work exactly as you say.
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  7. zinedine

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    I would have liked McGann to have become a proper Dr rather than just the special. I think he had the right blend of eccentric behaviour as well as the right look.

    My favourite Dr to date is Tennant followed by Smith and then Tom Baker. The worst Dr was McCoy followed by Eccleston who thought he was too good for the part. The Dr with a Manc accent just didn't seem right to me, he was wrong for the part.

    No I've never seen that before thanks for the link. I'll send it to my son he's a massive Dr who fan, the ones from Eccleston on that is. I didn't notice your post earlier and I've since said I really liked McCann as the Dr. He should have got a series and that short film proves it.

    That is the reason they Stranded him. Earth is cheap the planet Zargon is pricey.:lol:
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  8. jacko100

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    Nerd alert but a few years back I was off sick for a few months with glandular fever, basically just exhausted all the time. Couldn't really read or watch tv but went through all the big finish doctor who audio plays with Paul Mcgann and Sheridan smith. Some of them are excellent and am surprised they haven't been adapted on the tv show since.

    Well worth checking out if you like that kinda thing :lol:
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  9. supernaut1968

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    So you haven't seen the on line hysteria from PC groups, actors who've been in the show and even MPs?

    Given the new female doctor, there will be be plenty of the show's fan boys w*nking into a crusty sock
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  10. Maxie

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    And The Night of The Doctor basically made it all cannon in one line! So plenty of possibilities for the future
  11. Yep. It will be interesting to see if the uptake in girl female viewers exceeds the drop in boy male viewers. That said I don't think Capaldi was ever destined to be a big success in terms of viewing figures. Hasn't really been the same since Tennant was the doctor
  12. Sir Lancelot

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    Why would girls want to watch another girl playing the Doctor? Unless they are gay, I suppose.

    Capaldi has been a brilliant Doctor, up there with the best, and I think that he still had a lot to give. David Tennant turned into 'my pet Doctor', over his last couple of seasons and became too humanified. Matt Smith was a waste of oxygen. Ecclestone has been my favourite out of the new Doctors. And Jon Pertwee is my favourite out of the old Doctors.
  13. Why would boys want to watch another boy playing the Doctor? Unless they are gay, I suppose.
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  14. Sir Lancelot

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    Because boys are into that sort of thing, while girlies tend to watch Follyfoot Farm.
  15. Fuck off man. :lol:
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  16. Royal 8er

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    This stuff brings out the misogynist doesn't it just.
    A very enjoyable read is this thread.
    To quote Bowie
    'Look at those cavemen go'
  17. Thurston

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    So basically, you watched the fiftieth anniversary special and based your opinion on that. You definitely haven't watched the original series if you think McCoy was the 'worst.'
  18. dixonsafc

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    I haven't seen a single person demand there be a female doctor who.
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  19. McCoy is my favourite old Who, probably because he was the first one I watched as a kid.
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  20. Miriam Margolyes as the Dr would be absolutely tremendous

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