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Need to drive Ellis out of Sunderland.

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by haway, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. WiseOldMan

    WiseOldMan Midfield

    You can laugh all you want, it doesn't hide the fact you're up Shorts arse.
  2. WHD

    WHD Striker

    Or looking at it another way, let them spend more money than the club could afford.

    You can't have it both ways. Either he's recklessly ran the club into the ground through allowing too much money to be spent or he hasn't backed the managers. Which one is it?
  3. The debt is broadly equivalent to the net transfer spend. Simple as that. All PL money, gate money and other such income has gone on wages and day to day running costs. We're where we are because it's never dawned on anyone at the club that the best way to pay for transfers is to make roughly the same amount of money from selling players.
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  4. We hired managers, who most people were relatively happy with at the time, they didn't work out, we had to pay them off. We also signed a load of players - same drill, they didn't work, we lost money.

    Honestly, I've got no problem at all with people wanting someone new to come in - I guess the thinking is the new people will lavish cash, and it'll all be rosy. Here's hoping.

    But let's not get carried away with utter shite about the current owner trying to rob us, or in it for cash, or any of the other histrionics being bandied about on here. It's fucking insane.
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  5. WHD

    WHD Striker

    By backing incompetent managers so they could spend it on complete duds like Rodwell, Borin and Fletcher who all cost the club millions but had no resale value or performance value.
  6. dave hedgehog

    dave hedgehog Midfield

    No but they can all be shite and blaming the owner when they fail massively. A successful manager isnt all about spending fucking fortunes. All of them 'needed' major money to spend. Itd bollocks. The only one that didnt slag him off was big sam, which isnt a coincidence either
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  7. WHD

    WHD Striker

    Up Short's arse?

    So saying I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to wind the club up is being up his arse?

    You're mental, as are all the other hysterical loons on here saying Short's pocketing the cash so stop buying merchandise, we'd be better off in adminstration etc. Any attempt to look at the situation objectively is met with "you're up Short's arse".

    I don't know how old you are, but the "wise" part of your username is a total misnomer.
  8. doodlebugs

    doodlebugs Midfield

    we didn't pay them off though did we,last three have resigned without payoffs,Moyes,Sam,and the fukn dutchman,or have i missed something
  9. Managers and players who most of cheered at the time of signing. I honestly thought Rodwell was going to be a great signing. I was desperate for Borini to sign after his loan spell. Hindsight - wonderful thing, which a lot of people on here seem to be blessed with, apparently. Pity they didn't use it at the time.
  10. Stevos

    Stevos Winger

    Of course he wants to sell but not at a knockdown price. Until he receives what he considers to be the right offer, he'll be here but not by choice.
    Fans protesting - or even staying away - are not going to persuade him to write off millions on the sale of a business. Remember to him, that's all it is.
  11. JohnnyM1

    JohnnyM1 Central Defender

    We have barely profited on any players in recent years as they have annually been seen as part of a relegation battle and lost value.
  12. WHD

    WHD Striker

    I'm not sure some are blessed with it at all. Despite the millions spent on a succession of big money buys who turned out to be very poor investments, there are still some who insist Short did not back managers. Do they really think even more should have been spent?
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  13. DurhamRifleman

    DurhamRifleman Central Defender

    Nothing suggested will make a blind but of difference to Short.
    He will still be sat in America occasionally wondering if their have been any bids for SAFC whilst counting his money from his other ventures.
    Not saying that he shouldn't go just that he will go when he wants and not before.
    I think some people really need to understand this aspect of him.
    Hedge fund managers are not generally renowned for caring what other people think of them.
  14. pele

    pele Midfield

    E também, Grumps un-agrupadas.
  15. Goldeneye

    Goldeneye Central Defender

    Then he is a poor chairman if he doesnt care about commercial revenue. When the parachute payments are finished we will be knackered.
  16. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    You don't even go to the match man.
  17. Both, he's incompetent at owning a football club and the decisions surrounding the running of it. If like other posters have mentioned that the net spend roughly that of the debt, then that equates to around 14M per season. Hardly pushing the boat out or spending beyond our means.

    You wouldn't happen to know the income for the last 10 years would you?
  18. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Ellis Short :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  19. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    Being competitive enough you compete with the clubs that are currently in the top 6.
    So what it takes to be in that position, that's backing us.
    And before you mention the debt, it's owed to him anyway ffs.
    This is his business, he obviously wants it to fail
  20. WHD

    WHD Striker

    But it was spending beyond our means ffs. It was more than we were bringing in.

    Perhaps Short should have really pushed the boat out and allowed £50m more than income to be spent each season?

    Right. So we all now hate him because we are crippled with debt, but in reality we should have spent more, much more to allow us to compete with the top 6. :lol:

    Put the crack pipe down.

    He probably cares little about SAFC, certainly less than the fans who will be the ones who suffer if the club is starved of even more money.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017

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