Marital rape

Discussion in 'SMB' started by chunkylover53, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Surprise strap-on up the arse is worse than a sympathy shag like.

    A wank is better than a sympathy shag though.
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    Married? No, Sexless? a gentleman never tells, but you're pretty accurate.
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    I've heard this before, is it legitimate true or is it one of those cases like britain didn't officially outlaw slavery till 2010 or summit but there were other laws that covered every act of it?

    What I mean is it wasn't just a technicality?
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    Just seen the BBC report about what people consider rape. In particular the over 65s should be ashamed of themselves. But a lot of fucked up views across the board.

    That said, the Spanish law is also fucked and in line with some of the views held in the report.
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    I think it was the case that previously consent was implied by the act of marriage, particularly the use of obey as part of the marriage vows, therefore it wasn't technically classed as rape.
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    the wolf pack trial?
    'Wolf pack' sex attackers did not gang rape teenager, Spanish appeals court rules

    as daft as it sounds thats not too bad. I know a couple who regularly have her dressed as a schoolgirl, yet she is a teacher. I find that more creepy
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    "A survey commissioned by the End Violence Against Women Coalition found that a third of people in the UK think it isn’t usually rape if a woman is pressured into having sex but there is no physical violence"

    Hmm the use of the word usually is strange here, makes me wonder how the question was framed, a fare question would not include the use of the word usually.
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    I bet he was a bit gentler with you though.
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    As a defence, it was used successfully in numerous cases until Regina vs R in 1990 reached the House of Lords after numerous appeals. They ruled unanimously that the idea of consent always existing via the marriage vows was outdated and overruled previous judgments to the contrary.

    The explicit illegality of rape within marriage wasn't officially enshrined in law until the Sexual Offences Act of 2001.
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    it was stated that a husband could not rape his wife.

    he could however be arrested and charged with indecent assault.

    It was one of those archaic laws, that just didn't move with time, unfortunately.

    same as at one time, there was a law of indecency with a child which carried an indictable 2 year max prison sentence, which meant at that time a person could not be arrested for it.

    again the power of arrest lay the indecent assault.

    but does the offender know it is not a welcome action
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    Wow, cheers for the info.

    Crazy stuff
  12. I've felt obliged to have sex but never forced thankfully. Rape to me is being forced to have sex against your will, whether it be down a dark alley or in your marital bed.
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    Hardly surprising seeing as they think it's fine for a fat bloke to bounce up and down on a donkey until its back breaks.
  14. Did you return half an hour later with a 70’s tash asking if her fridge needed fixing ?
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    Did you end up saying yes to him?
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    1991 in England - R vs R

    Ireland was 1990.
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    Ireland was ahead.... :eek:
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    Nuts isn't it. :lol:
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