Marital rape

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  1. It stems from the use of "obey" in the wedding vows of that generation, which only the bride had to say. It was taken as a given that if he wanted sex, she had to allow it. Slowly that vow is dying out, but there are some who still say it.

    Sadly this is very true. There was very little protection for women back then, and a closing of male ranks if women complained about assault. I don't think younger men today have a clue how bad it was.
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  2. Mrjardine

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    How many surveyed were Muslim I wonder?

    Given their attitude towards women I reckon they’d have upped the percentage of asked.
  3. Skandhaless

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    Yes one can imagine that hierarchical environments (health, police etc) would be very difficult from that perspective
  4. They were very much part of the problem. Slowly changing, but there's still work to do.
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    We have gender neutral toilets now and post op trannies in different sex jails. Of course opinions are changing. The question was posed by a group deliberately looking for a particular outcome. Not feeling in the mood is so far from without consent its unreal
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    I remember even in the late 80s in financial services the office " girls " still had to call me Mr..
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  7. It's not always about that though, even in a marriage. There are women who've stayed with men they detest for the sake of their children, despite not wanting physical contact with him. I'm sure it works both ways, and there are men who don't want sex with their wives anymore either, but they're unlikely to be forced into it by their wives.

    I can believe that. Did you just take it for granted, or did you let them call you by your first name?
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  8. Occam's Razor

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    What does "upped the percentage of asked" mean?
  9. the veteran

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    Aye do ya duty
  10. Mrjardine

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    Meant if they’d asked more Muslims then I’d say the percentage would be higher.
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    It wasn't done, it would have got tongues wagging and the chief clerk was the next thing to a nun their lives would have been hell.
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    I've gone through the motions on more then a few occasions.
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    I think yougov carry out their polls by asking representative samples of the population rather than trying to skew results by disproportionately over-representing minority groups.
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    Tony Blair was on about bringing in sex contracts iirc.
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    With the dog or a human?
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    I used to go out with a girl who used to fantasise about being raped
    The longer we were together the rougher and kinkier she wanted things to get
    It actually got so intense I was scared shitless so I ended up walking away - I'm not sure if there had been something in her past life but she was fascinated by violence

    I suspect I had something of a lucky escape
  17. Don't you just love women who enforce men's ideals to keep other women in their place. Turkey's continually voting for Christmas.
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    he were married to Cherie. I`d be looking for a get out loophole anarl man
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    We each make our way in the world amongst dynamics of power as we see fit I suppose.
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    I was waiting for the punch line there

    Edit: maybe punch line wasn't the best phrase to use!!
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