Marital rape

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  1. As long as you got her the chips then no it’s not.
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  2. Fuck me, if my lass said "I'm going to pretend I'm dead for a bit of role play", I'd be like nee bother pet and when she did it I'd fuck off to the pub without having to worry about what time I get home
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    Thats just called being married mate
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  4. The slag
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    So Munging isn't in your repertoire then!
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  6. Howton folk are fucking mental mind :lol::lol:
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    I've done a few that would have been better bucks if they had been dead
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    Conversely though, if you wake up and continue with the buck without asking if you are sure she wants to continue, you could be guilty of rape, as depending on how much she has drunk she could be too intoxicated to consent.

    Consent and alcohol: Sexual Health Week 2018
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    Should people be arrested for having their lass dress up as a school girl when getting amongst it?
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    As ever...

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    Who doesn't love PC principal :cool:
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  13. Brian Griffin

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    what if your mrs has given you permission to help yourself anytime you like?
  15. Tidied
  16. Smartin

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    Most likely cheated on you, covering herself in case she’s been knocked up.
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  17. I thought I’d just wasted my free transfer in fantasy football

    Edit: I have, he has a knock ffs
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    We have sex often enough where I wouldn't have any suspicions based on a due date. Sorry about your sexless marriage.
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    Sympathy shags are the worst :(
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    It doesn’t surprise me at all that the majority of people cannot define rape. I’m asked too often ‘what’s rape’ when advising someone in the police station. Should be taught in school to save young men falling victim to a one night stand ruining their lives.
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