Marital rape

Discussion in 'SMB' started by chunkylover53, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Joe Public

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    Can’t see that being accurate, I don’t know a single person who would think it wasn’t rape.
  2. You probably know some normal people then
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  3. My dyslexia's kicked in, I thought a Man United player had got himself in a bit of a situation there.
  4. monkeytassle

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    Hold on. Pressured into sex versus without consent is wildly different. I've felt pressured into having sex when I'm absolutely fucking knackered. That isn't rape.
  5. The Resource

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    The article does say further on that it is mainly an issue with the over 65's. The law itself was only introduced in 1991 so it's not unreasonable for them to hold that belief.
    It does point out that younger people are less inclined to have that opinion, so it is moving the right way.
    Given the numbers, the probability of being tried by a jury where each member holds this belief must be near 0.
  6. yorkyexile

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    no just a shite relationship by the sounds of it
  7. bigmarlon

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  8. Jabberwocky

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    Nah, when Metoo came in, self appointed moral guardians removed the concept of degrees of seriousness in sexual assault so you’ve basically been raped by your missus and she should go to prison.
  9. Some Random Guy

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    Not surprising, the law doesn't think its rape when my Mrs jumps on my cock when I'm asleep and she comes home from a night out with the lasses.
  10. Skandhaless

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    Must admit like by today's definitions the 60s - 70's was a very rapey place.

    And although I hope most blokes didn't actually rape lasses the strength of "trying it on " was probably much higher.
    The articles feeling seems to be that would be rape now, so it's no wonder older men don't buy it as they just don't see their young self as rapists.

    Glad I'm past it, "courting" must be a minefield now
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  11. SAFC Wilks

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    Thought this was about the Man U player at first.
  12. Jabberwocky

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    Doesn’t count if she gets off half way through to throw up a bottle of Rose.
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  13. yorkyexile

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    I werent actually trying to be funny. Nowt worse than when our lass is knackered or not right up for it but she lets me have a go anyway or the other way round, usually turns out to be shite sex those nights
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  14. Fred Secrets

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    & I reckon that if today's definitions were available to folk in the 60s - 70s, they would have called us all a bunch of snowflakes.

    Same with drink driving. It was just accepted back then.
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  15. yorkyexile

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    youve been watching mickey flannagan :lol:
  16. Jabberwocky

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    Watching Sean Connery’s James Bond pull birds Is a bit rapey by modern standards, if she tries to walk away in a huff just grab her and kiss her till she gets into it then cut to her in bed looking well satisfied

    I have but I’m also married!
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  17. Anal sex is a goal for many.
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  18. Pants

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    "while a third of men thought that if a woman had flirted on a date it wouldn’t be considered rape if she hadn’t explicitly consented to sex, this view was held by only 21% of women."

    Hang on. If those 21% of women think flirting amounts to consent, isn't that their choice? But the law insists she's been raped?

    There's a scene in a nightclub in 'Cherry 2000' where a young couple are standing with a lawyer who's writing up a contract to say what they will and won't do with each other when they get home. Are we there yet?

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