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  1. From what I can tell at least the first half of the list is happening in Canada. They're also doing ads on drug driving and where to get more info online, plus q&a s on the metro.

    My friend is receiving delivery at about 2 and his lass is coming over at 8. So smash the lot and hope it wears off in time?

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  2. safcforever

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    The dealers are still in demand at the moment here. You get more for your money now though.
    Dealers would die off a lot quicker if they allowed people to actually grow their own weed.
  3. Gravyb0y

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    Here's my view...

    I don't smoke it other than on very rare occasions.... But I don't mind it with 'regular' stoners who seem to have a respect for others around them and keep it to themselves. My best mate is one of these and he either comes down mine to smoke it in back garden or waits til the missus and bairn is asleep and has some in his back yard. He's never been in bother with the police, apart from when he took some to Amsterdam, and got caught on the ferry ON THE WAY TO AMSTERDAM. (He's an idiot at times). My current lady smokes it maybe twice a week, but again, does it in privacy, away from anyone, and has never been in bother.

    My ex lady, who lives in Malta, smokes it daily. Never been in bother because the police there seem to turn a blind eye to it.

    The problem is the wankers who seem to think it's something to brag about (much like the wankers who turn up to the airshow with a slab of Carling on their shoulder) - they let all other users down.

    Stoners in general never seem to cause bother. Drunk people cause a lot.
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  4. Generally they are the total wasters and petty thieves .

    I’ve never been in anyone’s kip who smokes the cowie that isn’t black mind.

    It must do something to your brain that makes you relax and not give two fucks about anything .

    I agree people who smoke the blar are never violent .
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  5. safcforever

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    You can make your own booze but nobody does
  6. Titus

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    Or you're mates with tramps :lol:
  7. See ham biscuit2

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    They can sack them for being drunk on thw job so they will for being stoned..
  8. Cito

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    If you use a saliva (oral fluid) test then this only detects the active ingredient delta 9THC. Depending upon the cut off value of the device used this gives a window of detection of 8-12 hours. It’s the acid metabolite that is soluble in human fat which is why it can be detected in urine days afterwards, but the saliva tests are not cross reactive to that so no chance of a “false positive” from that source.
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  9. Titus

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    I think the point was more that being able to detect use of THC through a drugs test does not mean they were under the influence at the time of test. It would be like disciplining somebody over a few cans in their own time after work.
  10. GK

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    Can you elaborate on this bearing in mind its not addictive

    If what you say about people only buying taxed weed it would lead to higher crime in the weed smoking world as the need for more money would be greater.
  11. Jabbo

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    Biggest myth going regarding cannabis.
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  12. Dave Herbal

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    Being drunk on the job is not the same as being sacked for having a pint a fortnight earlier.

    There you go then. Saliva test following a positive urine test is the way forward.
  13. GK

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    The top bit is shite mind. Unless youre talking about all day every day stoners. .Even then I've met a load of obsessive tidy freaks.
  14. Dave Herbal

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    No more addictive than anything else humans enjoy though. You can stop taking it dead and suffer no withdrawal symptoms. So in that sense it’s the same as chocolate or cake.
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  15. GK

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    Wrong. its not an addictive substance.

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  16. the boot

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    Smoking weed is addictive mate.
  17. kossoff

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    Chocolate digestives are addictive.
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  18. Discopants91

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    When I used to smoke all day every day and was forced to stop for whatever reason it was horrible.
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  19. Jabbo

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    Some people can stop without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some hard users do suffer withdrawal symptoms though, mainly psychological, but they can be physical as well.

    No I'm sorry, but you are wrong. It absolutely is an addictive substance.

    Agreed. It's not something that passes after a few hours either. It's like one or two weeks before the dysphoria comes to an end.
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  20. the boot

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    i Like how most dope smokers are conspiracy theorists. :lol:

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