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    Class. But be careful with the dosage as too much at once and you can be baked for 24 hours.
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    I can’t wait for smack to be legal. Just so I can try it.
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    Should be legal IMO. Used to love it back in the 90's but did me in as combined with mental health problems it's a fucker.
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    Meant to be a much stronger high
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    Yep, I know from my own experiences that it can adversely contribute to mental health problems. However, dual diagnosis is a strange thing, and many will tell you that weed can actually alleviate their mental health problems. Ive known people that are quite simply more stable when they are on drugs than when they are off them!
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    We won't notice any difference I'm sure ;)
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    You seem petty out spoken about the drain on the nhs mate for various reasons. Do you not think legalising cannabis will increase the strain. As a lot of the pro skunk argument is ‘it’s no worse than drink or fags’
    Do you think smokers would pay inflated tax prices or buy cheaper illegally grown skunk therefore handing more power to gangsters. Just wondering. Try not to change the questions if it’s possible and try not to answer with a question thanks.
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    Well it's a plus and minus game. Imo the positives outweigh the negatives.

    No one in the history of the world has overdosed on cannabis as far as I am aware, it's healthier to the body and mind than alcohol and it's healthier to the body than smoking.
    Right now if someone wants weed they can get it, I don't even smoke it and I know where to get it round here. I've never known anyone struggle to get hold of it so it's already out there feeding gangsters pockets.

    When people say it is a gateway drug it absolutely is, but not in the same way some people expect, there's this idea that a drug will get you hooked and move you onto other drugs, that's certainly the case with opioids which we happily dole out to people on the NHS already. Marijuana doesn't have any addictive compounds within it when it isn't cut with other things drug dealers put in (or certain bizarre and strong strains). The gateway is a dealer starts by selling you weed, then offers you other things that can really get you hooked and fuck up your life. A dealer is always looking to push the next product onto you and if weed opens that door to customers surely closing it is a good thing.

    You mention cheaper forms, if people want to buy a cheap weed pushed by gangsters they already can, nothings stopping them from buying knockoff alcohol and cigarettes either, all illegal. But it will mean for the vast majority of people if you want to get high going to a dealer will not be your first choice (should the government regulate it properly and not let people grow their own)

    The tax revenue will undoubtedly come in handy and I don't believe we will see a rise in mental health cases as a result, in fact I think over time we will see a fall in other narcotics caused health problems. I think cutting that tie between dealer and weed smoker for most people will actually help them in the long run, ofcourse mental health issues will still occur for some and there is evidence to suggest it is linked to using it in your youth (so age restrictions must be in place) and those who abuse it.... who likely would anyway cos they can still get hold of really strong variants on the streets.

    In conclusion it really isn't that hard to get hold of weed, the people who will abuse it were always going to, as studies show addiction is a mindset (some say a mental disease), if you have addictive tendencies you will find something to abuse, it doesn't kill people, it doesn't even make people particularly unwell in moderation and taking ownership of it could give us a boost financially as well as keeping people away from drug dealers. But people have to pick their poison, I love drinking, If I drank everyday I'd look like one of those weirdos you see in the pub occasionally who have fucked themselves up from it. Some people love weed, it doesn't hurt anyone in moderation and life is fucking tough, people need a switch off button.

    Not to even mention the civil liberties side of it or the incarceration side of it but I took it you wanted me to focus on the nhs.
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    Helped me with anxiety unbelievable amounts

    Good post.

    I appreciate it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's effects aren't fuelling street fights, domestic violence, and rape cases that happen regularly through alcohol.

    Ofcourse people do dumb shit when high too, but I know that no amount of cannabis is making me feel out of control of my own actions.
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    Exactly, the worst people do is usually eat a whole box of jaffa cakes.

    The idea that people will smoke and drive etc. It happens anyway. I'd get the argument if it was so hard to get hold of but it isn't. I could go down the road and two streets over to a house I've never been to before but I can tell from the way people are always shuffling about down there and it smells like fuck the occupant sells weed. It's everywhere.

    And it's a switch off button. For some people they know they get fucked up on alcohol, they know they are a bother to others, they might get in fights, they know they sever relationships and those people shouldn't be drinking. We've all met them. When I'm drunk I get really happy and polite. When I smoke weed, I get really quiet and weird... so I don't do it. When others drink they get moody and aggressive. But they need that buzz, that switch. Maybes weed will work better for them and the rest of society. Just need to pick your poison that makes working your arse off all week worthwhile.
  12. the boot

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    So you think legalising weed will not be a strain on the nhs? Take away the mental health issues as there is arguments for and against, in my opinion the drug driving rate would rise a lot leading to more accidents. If what you say about people only buying taxed weed it would lead to higher crime in the weed smoking world as the need for more money would be greater.
    I think that people who want to legalise weed think it will lead to middle aged blokes sitting in a cafe with a coffee and a joint. Get yourself down the rough ends of pallion and Hendon and see what their drug of choice is.
    Like you say in moderation it’s ok. But by legalising it you open the door to the abusers.
  13. It's very morish
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    Just tax it.
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  15. I think the nhs would be fine with the extra taxes and research that would be easier once it's legal
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    Toppa but take your time and be patient dont think nowt is happening and take more cos you dont want to take to much.with edibles the thc etc gets broke down by your liver hence the more intense high , i love it but again take your time marra.
  17. Fine with that. Rehab and harm reduction would be better though. See Portugal

    I'll tell my friend. He's very impatient but has never tried marynjoanna before
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    Tell him to try heroin first man. Just a little bit. Drugs are great in moderation.
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    Ok well let's play this thought experiment out then cos I'm interested in your point of view.

    What are the main reasons you think it would be a strain on the NHS? Doesn't have to be in depth, I'm not trying to catch you out or anything, I'm genuinely interested.
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  20. From what I understand, some antidepressants work by detaching you from your emotions so some people stop worrying about committing suicide and do so. Not trying to dismiss drugs as a helping some people though.
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