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  1. Aituk7

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    Changed my opinion on drug laws.
  2. Hodgie1979

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    Tell him to get himself a spoon pipe and try that first just to see how it goes.
  3. Aituk7

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    There will always be side effects of everything.
  4. A smarter person than I says there are no side effects, only effects.
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  5. Aituk7

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  6. the boot

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    I’ve kicked about with people who smoke daily. They are a fucking liability mate. Note too mention actually getting them into work. @gillythedilf is a builder he should know what the degenerate fuckers are like. Like you say in moderation would be manageable but have you seen these lads in the dam ‘Cos its legal’
    They should make drink and fags illegal and it would sort the nhs out in about a month.

    They cherry pick the data mate. Just google the real truth about Portugal’s drugs.
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  7. Hodgie1979

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    Have one smoke a night about an hour before bed and thats it but i agree mate everything in moderation cos too much does make ya paranoid etc.
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  8. the boot

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    The bloke who was responsible for decriminalisation of drugs in Portugal is not sure about making cannabis legal.

    Also we are more relaxed on drugs than Portugal. It’s not a crime in Portugal it’s classed as a disease.
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  9. Titus

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    Like I say, plenty of wasters, job or not, will smoke cannabis. I think it's more a case of those sorts gravitating to cannabis than it being the result of.

    Many seems to think it's just lazy stoners and chavs consuming cannabis, but it's really not the case. Those with more to lose are just more secretive. My friend knows a police officer who still occasionally ffs :lol:.

    It's not for everyone mind, just like alcohol and cigarettes.
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  10. Aituk7

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    Orh mate I grew up with people exactly the same. They do it now though, we can't stop it no matter what we try so like I said it'll make money from people who want to use it in moderation and save those who would fall further iinto a drug dealers clutches.

    Being a layabout, useless bastard is a state of mind, they can get hold of drugs anyway. To fix that imo you need to enforce a type of national service but that's a conversation for another time.

    I think if you banned liquor and fags people would still consume them en masse illegally just like prohibition in the U.S

    People need something in their life.
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  11. the boot

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    Nail on the head, loads more do fags and drink as it’s legal so surely the rate of people smoking would rocket? Leading us into a country of stoners.

    Did you read the guy who decriminalised drugs in Portugal link.

    Oops no I have not posted it soooo al try again in the morning am shattered.
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  12. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    Nee bother mate, it might change my view, I was very anti-legalising drugs until I heard about portugal and other similar issues so it'll make an interesting read I'm sure.
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  13. Titus

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    Like I say mate, most cannabis consumers are hard working people who manage to hold a job, pay their bills and be productive, far from 'stoners'. Look at California, a medical script made it so easy to get it's almost been legal for recreational use for years. Same with Canada, they've had dispensaries for years too. We just have a generally outdated view of cannabis in this country, regardless of whether people agree with it being available legally like cigarettes.
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  14. the boot

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  15. Aituk7

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  16. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    I agree. But you changed your view on making cannabis legal after reading about Portugal, when in fact it not even legal in Portugal and even he is waiting to see the results. Portugal’s drug legislation was brought in to curb hiv mate. That country was in a mess with heroin. I’ve read a few articles on it.
    Not a dig mind just whenever this gets brought up everyone quotes Portugal. Would you agree on making heroin and coke legal?
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  17. xmfd

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    Class but be careful with dosages.

    Try some, if nothing happens in 5-10 mins, try some more. Rinse and repeat.
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  18. Titus

    Titus Striker

    I think looking at how the US and Canada get on is a better idea :lol:

    As someone who is pro-legalisation, I feel that there would still need to be a lot of planning and law around it to protect people.

    If legalised, in my opinion, a few things I reckon would be a decent idea:

    - Sold to adults only and big fines and licenses revoked if selling to anybody under that age.

    - Purchasable only with valid photo ID.

    - Restricted daily purchase limit, at least from each dispensary/seller.

    - All products bought from growers, must come with testing on each batch for mold and other contaminants.

    - All products must come from licensed growers with traceable batch numbers.

    - Different tiers of licensing depending upon the scale of cultivation, with the big boys having to adhere to strict cultivation techniques in order to produce a clean product.

    I'd give it closer to an hour, some can take a good while to digest as I've found :lol:
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  19. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    Ah sorry if I've not been clear. I said I changed my views on drug laws as a result of portugal i.e. not criminialising the user per se.

    It hasn't influenced my opinion on cannbis legalisation at all.

    I wouldn't make coke or heroin legal no.
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  20. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    And most importantly dry!!!!

    TBH we will follow suit. We always do.
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