I have something to do which I am at a loss to prepare for.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Scimmy, May 18, 2017.

  1. niceonemarra

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    Words are words but it will be great to spend some time together in his final days.
  2. The Archer

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    I had a mate who died from cancer a couple of years back. I used to go and see him and after getting through the stuff about how he was and his treatment the conversations were just normal stuff between two people with stuff in common.

    You can't skirt round the cancer thing but just try and be as much like his old mate as you can be.
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  3. Fetch Fletch

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    Sorry to hear that mate, but just go along and be yourself. I think that's all he'd want.
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  4. humbug

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    he obviously thinks a great deal about you to be asking to see you.
    hope it goes well and there's nothing wrong with shedding a tear.
  5. If you didn't get emotional then that would be more wrong. You will always regret not going and that will always be a regret, don't have any regrets
  6. :)
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  7. Ham and cheese

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    GO and see the lad, you will REGRET that forever not going
  8. CatRyan

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    Go and see him for sure. I think the only wrong thing you could do is not so that.
  9. arthursboy

    arthursboy Midfield

    How wonderful he wants the speak to you in his last days mate, go for it.
    The conversation will flow once you get the first few mins sorted.
    Time is precious for you and your mate, please don't hesitate, think of the good times and some stories to chat about.
    However I totally understand what your going through.

    Oh and what the fuck is wrong with crying, fuck me what's the world coming to.
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  10. Chicken Kiev

    Chicken Kiev Central Defender

    He asked to see you as he obviously thinks a lot of you, id feel honoured/priviliged if someone thought that of me so go make his day mate, talk about the good times , have a laugh and dont be worried to shed a tear as you leave.
    I was diagnosed with cancer 18 yr ago and to this day dont ever forget who came and visited me and kept my pecker up when i was literally on the bottom, mates and family who came to just literally pass the time of day, but it lifted me out of so much stress/depression etc.
    good luck mate, just be yourself, youll always be that friend he needed.
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  11. joemcdokes

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    Ask him if he's got any decent clobber, would cheer me up if I was in that position, although they would be really disappointed and wished they'd never bothered.
  12. Tex

    Tex Striker

    Ask yourself what would you want if your roles were reversed.

    I think most people when faced with their mortality would want some kind of affirmation that their time on the planet was not in vain. If he's been a good dad, husband, family man, provider, hard worker etc then tell him. Think of some instance from the past when he's been a good mate to you and tell him that for those of us who won't be immortalized in song, in print or on film, the best we can hope for is that we led a good life and did right by our family and friends.

    A bit OT but I was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly recent interview with George Lucas when he was asked of all the things he's done in life and this huge fantasy universe that he created, what did he want to be remembered for, and without thinking for a second he replied 'being a good dad'.
  13. gards2

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    I lost a good friend this year to cancer, didn't get a chance to say goodbye. If possible, maybe consider going to visit him more than once? That would make the first visit less intense.
  14. Mr Redknapp

    Mr Redknapp Striker

    Can't really add anything original to the other posters on here.

    just go and see him you might regret it later on.

    take care mate.
  15. I think your mate will know what to do and help you through the situation. He knows what to expect he will have been through it already dozens of times with family members. Go a few times if he wants you to. Good luck with it
  16. Lord Potts

    Lord Potts Winger

    I was in a similar situation this time last year although the lad in question had been a neighbour for many years. The first thing is that folk don't die to a doctor's time table so you might have an opportunity to visit him a few times. I never considered any of my visist as my last and did go to see him a few times and always said I would be back.

    I found that what he was missing was just having an ordinary bit of crack on with another fella about cricket
    in his case. He was surrounded by a lot of lovely people and nurses who were mainly women so he had an abundance of that sort of special care and attention which he certainly needed. But I found he was a bit short of folk to talk to him about things like replacing the geenhouse glass, pints of beer, past nights out and sport and such like. Normal topics of conversation in a world where everyone suddenly seemed to think that they should be avoided because they weren't profound enough

    The other thing is .. what very decent fella you must be to have an old friend seek out your company like this when he has so little time left. You can obviously bring him a great deal of comfort and that would be a great thing.
    Best of luck.
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  17. MorpethianMackem

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    Definitely do it mate, you will regret it if you don't. I am the same in the respect that was part of a group of lads who were best mates around 20 years ago, and then drifted apart due to life. My mate had a scare few years back, and me and 2 others went to visit him in the hospital, and I am so pleased we did - I was privileged I was asked. Good luck!
  18. Tex

    Tex Striker

    Nah - I reckon Scimmy just owes the lad money and he wants it back!
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  19. Not quite as extreme but I went to visit my mate in hospital in Scotland when he was waiting for a heart transplant. He never got well enough to have the transplant and it was the last time I saw him.
    Everyone else has given good advice about listening and taking your cue from him but don't be afraid to have a laugh, even at his expense, if that's the relationship you have. We took the board game Operation. We deliberated for hours and ignored everybody's advice but he saw the funny side. (Not sure his wife did.)
    Be prepared that he is likely to look very ill, a lot worse than you imagine so try not to be too shocked.
    We were physically and mentally drained afterwards and got hammered on the train home.
    It'll be upsetting but so worthwhile and I know my mate's Mam has always appreciated that we made the effort to see him (not that it was an effort).
  20. mux

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    Can you hear me reversing... beeeeep...beeeeep...beeeeep :oops:
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