Yet another mass shooting in America

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Evil Jimmy Krankie, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. RJs shoes

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  2. Woah! Woah! I’m not having that. They can think as well, it’s thoughts AND prayers which are required at times like this.
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  3. errant

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    youre insinuating something, but what i don't know...
  4. the boot

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    Glad to hear he is safe and sound.
    Tell him if it happens where he is, break the wrist walk away.
    Break the wrist walk away.
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  5. The Lonious Monk

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  6. Beery

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    This the British way of self defence
  7. Ludwig

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    ;). See what you did there :lol::lol:
  8. I always thought that was Paul Calf (Steve Coogan), live and learn
  9. Beery

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    Yeah, but you've always been dopey
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  10. Cyrus

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    It's sad to hear about.... but this is what America wants. They know how to stop it but they love their guns more than their kids.
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  11. RJs shoes

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    That's me ... subtle
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  12. Billy2Sheds

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    They used to have the same signs on the bookies and pubs in Perry Barr in Birmingham 10
    Years ago not sure if they still do
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  13. lostinfrance

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    “The decorated Marine who served as a machine gunner in Afghanistan” :rolleyes:
  14. Rizla

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    Surely everyone is missing the point here, the real threat to America is a caravan of peasants in Mexico. That's what the POTUS said and he always speaks the truth. MAGA.
  15. nelford_safc

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    That’s getting the blame for women not being allowed to vote 120 years ago at the minute.
  16. Lester1979

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  17. Hoon

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    Didn’t get his fill as often seems to be the case.

    Soldiers and vets have been elevated to hero status though so it’s fine...if they’re the right demographic.

    They do a tough job and aren’t given the right support but then again so many hate mental health provisions and dogooders so there’s little incentive for public sector averse governments.
  18. The Lonious Monk

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  19. x ALiEN 8

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    Backwards country :rolleyes:
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