Yet another mass shooting in America

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Evil Jimmy Krankie, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Get some!!!
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    Is this now the official mass shooting thead? If it is we need more punctuation in the title.
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  5. One of the victims was a survivor of the Las Vegas mass shooting
    Apparently a group of survivors regularly meet at that bar as a bit of a social get together sharing a common bond
    I wonder if the shooter knew about this? Is there some sort of link?
    Seems a massive coincidence. Shit I'm turning into @ProfessionalMackem
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    He must have been a shit one then, if he could only kill a dozen in what was a pretty closed environment.

    Not belittling this at all, but he could have caused so much more carnage.

    I thought the AR-15 was a bit flimsy, whereas the AK47 is as robust as fuck.
  9. When I heard about this, I did not think we would get a connection to a member of this forum, sorry for your sons loss

    It's to the point where we need a thread pinned to the top of the forum .
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    Poor bairn. Out for a dance with her mates and some lunatic destroys her and her family. For what?
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    Thanks, pal. It's been a rough week for the kid:(
  12. Wow.

    Shit just got real.

    What are the chances of it being coincidence?
  13. I am sure it has, i know what its like to lose a friend to death early in life, mine was not from gun violence however. hopefully he keeps his chin up. one thing i do wonder is with the dem's now in the house will gun laws be looked at given one of them lost a son to it.
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  14. Quite high I reckon
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    It will, and then any legislation they pass will die in the Senate.
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  16. Truth is about time the americas did something about this, they claim to be the model for all the world to follow, i say let them prove it, by bringing in gun laws that work.

    At least the people will know who to blame next time.
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    There are way too many people in this country that have an archaic stronghold on the 2nd Amendment and their right to own guns. There might be an attempt to put forth stricter gun control laws, but it will all just be a band aid for the real problem which is the 2nd Amendment itself.

    And there's that too.
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    Do they? if so, deluded as fuck, USA is a shit country. Canada shits all over it for a start.

    No offence y'all.
  19. Canada is the best country in the world everyone knows that.

    In the future, do you see the 2nd Amendment being changed, given a lot of young people have been affected by gun violence ?
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    None taken. Believe me if Trump gets another term, I am soooo moving to Canada.
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