Yet another mass shooting in America

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Evil Jimmy Krankie, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Gun Violence Archive

    A lot...including over 500 dead kids.
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    307 in 311 days then. That's horrific
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    Fresno? I think he is actually...
  6. Fresno is a couple of hundred miles further north and inland. Fresno Mackem moved to Thousand Oaks but never changed his name. A bit like that @Tex character. Strange lot them yanks man ;)
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    Ah cheers. :lol:
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    Reports that there were people caught up in this that were also caught up in the Vegas shooting. That's canny bad luck. Or good luck surviving two shootings, depending on how you want to look at it
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  10. My son attends one of the universities that is close to the bar where it happened. There were students from his school that were at the bar. My son is okay and he doesn't know any of the students that were there so he didn't have a whole lot of information when we spoke to him earlier this morning. However, we did get a text from the school about the incident and confirmation that there were students from the university at the bar during the shooting. As of this morning, out of the students that were known to be there only one female student is unaccounted for, but there may have been more students that may have been there.

    Yay the NRA and the ridiculously idiotic 2nd Amendment :rolleyes::oops::evil:
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    Good to know you and the young'un are safe, and fuck the NRA.
  12. Oooooh, no, fuck you. We already have enough crazy American White men shooting up shit everywhere, we don't need to add any crazy British White men to the mix, thank you very much.

    Thanks, pal. That shit was scarily close to home as my son's school is not far from that bar.

    And I agree. Fuck the NRA, bunch of idiots

    Missed this post earlier. Sorry. My son's school is actually very close to it and in fact there were students from his university at the bar when the incident occurred.
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    The democrats would bring in stronger gun control. So you could say they could sort this every few years. It should be the biggest issue over everything else and I would vote for a party that said they would sort this shite out regardless of other things.
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    Reckon there would be Civil War if they tried to take guns away.

    It's in their DNA.
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    Where we can comment on the same warnings and red flags and issues and inevitability and lack of action and responsibility for every single fucking one
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    ^This. Absolute gun freaks the yanks.
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  17. Killer identified as a white army veteran, so obviously just a lone madman whose actions teach us nothing more than that these things happen and that people should just have more guns just in case.
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    "Known mental issues" already mentioned in reports.
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    Mentally ill. There's nothing anyone can do about it except pray.

    I wonder what kind of ar-15 he used to shoot so many

    Why AR-15-style rifles are popular among mass shooters
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    Taken from the extremely fake news WaPo.

    Loads of reports this morning said it was a Middle Eastern bloke with a beard so he must've been wearing a disguise...

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