The sunderland strangler Steven greivson

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    What was the program title?
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    Britain’s most evil killers
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    No longer there then? Thought it might have been the one behind the hospital.

    What about the Leckenby murders? Chris (another monkeyhouse alumni who I was there with) was stabbed to death by his brother, Ronald. Then 4 years after being released, Ron was stabbed to death by his son Shaun. Bizarre turn of events. That was sometime in the 90s.
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  4. Went to fatfield juniors with him, same year, lived in legoland, canny lad at school.

    Was father in law and Mam, bought crossbow day before and shot them, was awol from army...shocked when heard, imagine he is out now as it was 1990.
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    He didn't contest it either - isn't that pretty much an automatic win in a civil case?
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    I remember the police coming to my house as I lived just off Roker Avenue asking where I was on the night of Thomas Kelly's death. They asked who I was out with and if we had seen anything unusual when we were out and about.

    IIRC England boys were playing at Roker Park and me and my mates were at the match. I have a vague memory of snow or sleet falling that night during the game.

    I hated Steven Grievson as he was a bully who picked on and targeted people who were weaker than him. Always hated getting off the bus from school and having to walk past his house on Roker Avenue in case he was outside. As a previous poster said he always asked for stuff and then would try and bully you into giving him it.

    One night when I left my mates house in Dame Dorothy around 9:00pm in the winter I walked past the bin sheds and he came out of them. I absolutely shit myself and just sprinted around the corner and down my street until I got home. Didn't even look back I was that scared. He was probably on the glue on the bin sheds but it freaks me out knowing what he was capable of.
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    thanks for that mate. I wasn't even born at the time so have very little knowledge other than the names of those involved or suspected to have been involved. Is it commonly "accepted" that Heron done it but can never be prosecuted due to the tactics used or did Heron "confess" to something he hadnt done?
  8. I used to hang about with Leckers. I only found out he had died and the circumstances a few years ago. Sounded brutal
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    I only know what I have read in the press etc so I am no expert. But from reading the transcripts it seems he had no idea how Nikki was killed as they were trying their best to get him to say how she was actually killed but he was saying alternative methods until the virtually put the words in his mouth.
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    but why would he do that? I mean if he wasn't guilty why would he proceed to list a vast array of possible ways to murder someone? I don't get the psychology behind that approach when under caution?
  12. He had what was called 'learning difficulties' back in those days. I have always thought he just said what he thought they wanted him to say. Sad really. I don't think it was him and never have.
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    ah that makes sense. If the police did prey on an individual with learning difficulties then it's utterly despicable.
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    Other people from the area will know better, but I think he had learning difficulties or a bit slow as they used to say back then.

    If he didn't murder Nikki I have a feeling he may have witnessed it or discovered her body, hence the blood on his boots and then went into a panic before returning home. He did deny being out that evening and that he didn't know Nikki which was untrue. He may have swung from one extreme to the other, denying everything to then confessing to something he may not have done.

    Impossible to know what goes through peoples minds never mind someone with learning difficulties.
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    Did greivson ever do kickboxing or fancied himself as a kickboxer?
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    Not 100% but I'm pretty sure they won because Heron didn't show up, for obvious reasons given the circumstances. Only going off what I've read when I looked in to it a few years ago.
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    I didn't know the lad but I went out with a las from Givens street and she knew him. He always had younger lads hanging around with him. We just kept our distance if we went roker avenue way.
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    So how old is Greivson now?

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