The sunderland strangler Steven greivson

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    Yes, and I'd add that such was the emotion involved with the case it was difficult for Heron to get a fair trail. Wasn't his solicitor's shop firebombed? And, Heron wasn't there to defend himself.

    I would have thought that whoever brutally murdered that little girl, considering the ferocity of the attack, there was a lot of rage involved in that; had either killed before or has killed since. I think we would have heard since of Heron had he been guilty.
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    Does anyone know of any links to watch this online?
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    People need to be careful about what they post on here. Family members of any of the lost Monkwearmouth school pupils could read or post on this board. I’m sure they don’t want to have to relive these traumatic events. By all means discuss how much of a scumbag SG is, but some are dragging up more details than needed and bringing victims names into it. Rant over.
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    I was only a toddler when this happened but I went to monkwearmouth in 2001. There’s a plaque and a tree planted in the main forecourt for the 4 lads. Never understood what actually happened until coming across this thread

    It’s featured in a documentary on YouTube called murdertown. Came across it tonight
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  5. His initials weren’t PG were they.
    At the time of the murders the police arrested a lad at our factory and took his tool box away. He knocked about in the same circles as Greivson. Nothing was found to link him to the murders but shortly after lads were being made redundant and that was the excuse to get rid of him. He was a strange critter.
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    Met him and had a drink with him once, my mate introduced us in the benedict biscop pub in roker, think its called the jacksons now. This was during his murder spree
    First impressions, didnt like him
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    Grievson was born in Pennywell and must have moved to Roker when he was about 10.

    He was in my class at Grindon Infants and was off the scale then...he used to sit above the subway next to the Hastings Hill and push rocks off as we walked through with our parents.

    At that age he walked to school and back alone and was always in bother
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    This is a good read about the school at the time.

    Errors in serial killer inquiry
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    Hmm, I'm not sure about this point - "Police also did not consider it might have been a sexual assault."

    I remember the original inquiry and the suspect at the time was asked if he was gay by the police. I believe the police knew there was a sexual element to the murder.
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    After watching that documentary it’s mentioned that police were dealing with another 5 murders in the city so were quick to dismiss the bairns in 1990. There is definitely more victims to this Grieveson fella. It’s weird got me not knowing the full story and only seeing articles and watching documentaries but the first victim(won’t say his name as his family might be on here) and Grieveson’s name was always linked together by my mam over the years. She went to school with the lad who was murdered in 1990 and she always thought he was behind it
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    I would believe practically anything that was said about the incompetence shown by the police at that time.
    The fact the families had to go on television pleading for something to be done as the police said it wasn't murder, is a still to this day an absolute fucking disgrace!
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    bloody hell the Jacksons...and your in obe piece?
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    I'm specifically referring to the Simon Martin case in 1990 , not the three later on.
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    Yeah I see now. Early morning reading error on my part.
    I still remember the whole investigation been a mess though. Frightening when you think back.
  15. This weirdo I’m asking about is gay.
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    The original suspect in 1990 was neither a weirdo or gay.
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  17. I don’t know who the original suspect was. This one was a Seaham lad that worked in Peterlee and lived in the town somewhere.
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    Wasn’t he implicated in Nikki Allen’s murder? Or was that that George Heron?(I think)
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    I've looked everywhere, I can find every episode online apart from this one. :lol:

    Different one about it here called "Murdertown"

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    That is chilling reading that
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