The sunderland strangler Steven greivson

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  1. offshore

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    He was born in 1970
  2. GK

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    47 or so
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    He is 47.
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    It was a strange time then late 80s early 90s like. Me and a few lads from school got interviewed over the murder of the las in the car park of the lesure center.
  5. Fray Bentos

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    Between the age of 10 and 13 me and my mates would go and play on the bandits in Dart Taxi's on Church Street. He would always be in there trying to take money off us.

    So relieved this is all he did to us as this was the time he was committing his murders. It was a very strange time at Monkwearmouth school when these murders were happening.

    It is difficult to get your head around, at that age, when kids you know are being murdered.
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    Greivson was pure evil, my son went to Monkwearmouth with some of those boys that died, it still upsets me to think about it. Nobody has mentioned the lad that was arrested for the first murder then released, he must have went through hell, an absolute disgrace, the detective in charge always looked like a slovenly drunk.
    I had experience of him, I owned a business in north bridge street and he came in the showroom one day with two others, throwing things around they seemed drunk, I chased them out with a golf club. I watched them walk away and they walked quite normally, a week later I was broken in to, the whole place was wrecked, money taken, stock, it was hourendous. They were pretending to be drunk to case the property.
    They reved up a motor bike in the back lane while they cut the back gates open.
    The damage he caused on North bridge street and Roker Avenue was unbelievable, windows out, doors kicked in, it seemed like every weekend.
    Everybody knew who it was but nothing was done, there was a whole gang of them, I remember all the names.
    The Greivson family were moved all over town, at one time they lived in Norman Court, Hendon, he would have known the East End very well, my wife taught at Cork Street Nursery and he was known of, she worked there when Niki Allen was killed.
    It was an awful time for everyone to go through, depressing times is putting it mildly.
  7. offshore

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    I was about 16/17 when I would see him hanging around roker avenue in 89 or 90.
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    Being from Durham and a bit too young, I didn't know about him, awful bastard. Horrible this shite happening so close to home, I had no idea.
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    I'm sure he lived in Carley square/road when Simon Martin went missing, so about 100 yards between the two houses.
  11. My sister was in his class at school and was also best friends with his then girlfriend. At the time he was arrested I remember thinking there was no way on earth he could have done it, he was one of the nicest lads you could ever meet. As you say it was an absolute disgrace what he was put through.
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    the pathologist comment is out of context when you relate to simon being the first
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    I really don't know what you are going on about? The initial post of mine you commented on was me saying it was obvious the police were barking up the wrong tree with the arrest in 1990 in the Simon Martin murder.
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    I was at school with Heron As weee a few others on here. He was defjnitely weird but was a complete wimp and scared of his own shadow. Never saw him as a potential child killer but who knows.
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    Never heard about it but just trying read up on line & also bizarrely one of the dead men's daughter was stabbed to death in 2008 as well.
    Jesus unlucky family
  16. This

    Bit on an eye opener reading the comments from people who knew him etc
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    They drank and played darts at redhouse at the time, strange fuckers, Chris was apparently in a relationship with Ron's daughter iirc and that was the reason Ron killed him or that's what we were told. Ron came back to play darts when he was released and his son used to come with him.. Really quiet lad, never spoke or made eye contact with anyone... Sure there was more happened to that family... All a bit sad really...

    Knew there was something else.
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  18. Don't know the lad but iirc he got out about 4 years ago. Hid the bodies in the garden shed and had a party at his house.
  19. Eye Alvin went through hell I bet ,didn’t know him at the time but know him quite well now .Lovely lad .

    Yes mate ,before he lived down Roker he was in Carley Rd .Pure Bástard he was.Them Lads he knocked about with at the time were/are shit bags aswell .I always wonder if they knew what he was up to ,I bet you they had an idea as rumours were rife at the time after Poor Tommy was found .
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  20. He got arrested by the military police and the brother of the bloke killed found the bodies after neighbours raised concerns...his mam was only 39.

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