Roker avenue rapists found guilty

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bob Fleming, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Of course you can't because all of it is fact.
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  3. Your best ever post imho
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    That is crédit indeed as I have had a lot of very good posts
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    Fried egg with this.
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  6. HABA87

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    Sentencing on the 17th. They'll likely receive a fairly long, yet still weak sentence. Sentencing guidelines are way out of touch on loads of offences.

    It'll be in line with what others have received but I predict minor meltdowns on here regardless. It's classic SMB fodder.

    As already stated, great news that proceedings have resulted in convictions though. Result.
  7. Well done Northumbria police.
    I do feel sorry for the poor lass. Hope she can put it behind her but I doubt she will.
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  8. In a French accent too ;)
  9. The Muffin Man

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    You should research Islam, it does not discriminate against women although there is little doubt some islamic cultures have chosen to.

    What utter rubbish......The vast majority of sex offences in this country are actually carried out by the family members or close people to the victims. The amount of sexual violence within marriage or relationships is unreal and lets not forget its only recently that we as a country recognised rape within marriage. Before that men were raping their wives and it was legal.

    The issue with these offences is they become prominent as they are strangers to the accused as the accused often arrive to the country as single blokes. But please do not for one second start bull shitting about this being a religious or racial issue, white British men have been raping their wives and kids for hundreds of years. Sadly more of these offences go undetected as when its family it is not reported as much.
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    You banging on again man
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  11. Whoa there. It’s absolutely disgusting what they did and she is in no way to blame for what happened to her.
    I am just trying to understand why she went to the flat of 2 complete strangers.
    I just can’t comprehend why anyone would do that
  12. THExpress

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    Wonder why the echos Facebook page reports everything else apart from these sort of things. Do a bit shoplifting and they got ya face and name splattered all a rapist or nonce and keep it quiet as possible eh
  13. Rape should carry a 20 year minimum sentence. Poor lass.
  14. Paddy O'Dors

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    It's the top story on their website.
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    Dirty bastards
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    I said on their Facebook page. Must just forget to post these but remember to post the pointless shite
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    You'll get pelters but its also something I can't get my head round.
  18. Paddy O'Dors

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    When was the last time someone updated it? Story didn't break til gone 6. I wouldn't imagine updating their Facebook page is their highest priority.

    Fwiw I agree that the Echo is utter shite.
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  20. It will with some, but not with others. My only gripe is that sentences for convicted rapists, white, black, brown, or whatever, are not long enough.

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