Roker avenue rapists found guilty

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bob Fleming, Dec 6, 2018.

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    I was debating this with a mate once who said that murder is worse so the sentences should be longer and I do get that murder is worse.

    But it's the mindset that flung me, ya don't imagine ever having to be put in the situation, but I think deep down if someone say killed my mother or my child or something horrific I could imagine being so angry I would kill someone and I bet other people could too.

    I can't imagine... no matter how horrible someone was to me ever raping them.... its just something thats in a completely different mindset altogether and that's why I just never want people like this to ever walk the streets again.
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    Result ,these things take time .In that time unfortunately you get many saying why hasn't anything been done etc ..Easy saying why did she go to flat but rapists and predators are clever .
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  3. The problem is, is that some victims serve a life sentence of pain, hurt and psychological scars, to a point some victims even take their own lives because of being raped. It is an horrendous crime and convicted rapists deserve longer prison time.
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    Sorry if I didn't get my point across well, that was my thinking exactly. The mindset behind it and the everlasting affects it can have. The sentences need to be longer.

    One of the muslim grooming gang trials got completed recently and the lads who it couldn't be proved raped anyone but were definitely involved in bringing the girls to their mates/fathers/brothers..... were getting sentences of like 3 years. It's just sickening to the core.
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    You must have led a sheltered life we were always invitng people back or going to other people's houses for after parties when young and full of drink .. might be naive but in 99 out if 100 cases (even with non white lads) the chances are she'd have been fine
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    You're attempt at logic on this is all over the place
    From us importing crime to spotting rapists on a border questionnaire
    Rape isn't a pass time for Muslims
  8. Being complicit in such a crime also deserves equal measure of law. Whether it's Muslim rape gangs or prostitution rackets, forcing girls into having sex, it's all rape in my eyes and demands a severe arm of the law to put a stop to it and convict heavily.
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    It's just a shame Islam justifies their actions.
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    ...Is what convicted them, considering she willingly went into the property.

    If she'd waited a week and then reported it they'd have probably gotten away with it.

    You're joking, right? Muslims run most prisons now man. They'll immedietly be given protection by the Muslim crew in there.
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    Planet earth calling. Come in.
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    Trevor Phillips (ex head of the CRE) has gone on record as saying it doesn't!

    That would not be an effect of multiculturalism, quite the opposite.

    Do you know what the word means?
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    Before I write this post, just to clarify, I'm not racist even in the slightest. In fact, I'm anti-racist, and if I see racism on this board be sure that I'll be smashing that report button as hard as I can. My 2 children were born to a Black woman, who I'll love til the day I die, and my 3-day old Grandson's father is Indian. People are people. Some are good, some are bad. Race is no indication of what kind of person someone is.

    (see grandson for proof. Actually I just wanted to show him off. Toppa eh. :cool:)

    But, Multiculturism does NOT work in the sense that some think it does. Or rather, in the way they want it to. If it did work, we wouldn't have so many fucking wars all around the world. Arabs against Jews, Christians against Muslims, Palestinians against Israelis, Africans against Africans... whatever, it doesn't work. History has proved that. People of a country need to have a shared identity. Be that British, or English, or American, whatever. We all need to be playing by the same rules. Without a shared identity it's chaos.

    The reason so many people are anti-immigration in this country is because some people come to this country and refuse to become British. They want to set up a little part of home in the middle of Birmingham and reject the British way of life completely. They don't integrate. That won't work, it doesn't work. The only thing it accomplishes is resentment and anger from the people who've spent their entire lifetimes building this country.

    Having a mixed race population is NOT the same thing as multiculturalism. We need to stamp out racism in this country and welcome people of all nations, of course, but we need to all do it together, as one culture, ie, as Britons.
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    It's good these two dispicable individuals face justice.
    Rape is a heinous crime committed by anyone of any race.
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    Indeed, that is a bizarre argument you've just made
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    He must be on a wind up. Did he used to be Bagpuss? Because he was a bellend as well.
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    Aren't you an immigrant yourself?
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    What does that have to do with understanding what the word 'multiculturalism' means and its negative impact on British society (amongst others) when practiced?
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    Big BRI has standards mate.

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