Roker avenue rapists found guilty

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    Two men have been convicted of raping a woman in a flat in Sunderland.

    Saheed Rasoolli, 30, and Araz Abdulla, 23, both had sex with the victim in a bedroom of a flat on Roker Avenue back in May 2018.

    The pair both denied rape but a jury today (Thursday) found them guilty following a two-week trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

    Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt, of Northumbria Police, said: “This was a despicable act which caused a great deal of upset and distress to both the victim and the local community as a whole.

    “Rasoolli and Abdulla both insisted their innocence throughout this case, but today they have been convicted of their crimes and must now face the consequences of their selfish actions.

    “Rape is a horrific crime that has a devastating effect on victims and a corrosive impact on society. We will leave no stone unturned when pursuing perpetrators to ensure they are brought to justice.

    “I am pleased that these two men are now set to face a significant amount of time behind bars and are unable to carry out any more appalling acts of this kind.

    “I would like to praise the victim for her bravery throughout this investigation, as well as the team of detectives who worked incredibly hard to secure these convictions.

    “There can be no doubt whatsoever that the streets of Sunderland are a safer place without Rasoolli and Abdulla.”

    The court was told how the victim was waiting for a bus in the city centre on May 23 this year when she was approached by Rasoolli.

    She was then taken back to a property on Roker Avenue and raped. Once Rasoolli had left the room, Abdulla then entered and forced himself on the victim.

    The woman fled to a nearby shop and reported the offences to police.

    Rasoolli, of Hylton Road, Sunderland, and Abdulla, of Roker Avenue, Sunderland, will be sentenced on Monday, December 17 at Newcastle Crown Court.

    Northumbria Police
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  2. Touchpaper lit.....
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  3. The resident goose steppers will be here shortly

    What the hell possessed her to go to their flat in the first place?
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    Well done to all of those who helped secure the convictions.
  5. 6 months sentence with full perks in a luxury minimum security prison, full benefits and re-housing package upon release.
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    I didn't realise they'd been sentenced.

    Sounds a bit on the light side to me.
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    Their Cock n balls should be cut off..

    And let's hope they are also kicked out of the country once their sentence is served...
  10. Good news, justice served. Well done the police, authorities and courts.

    Good job there were no pricks outside the courts threatening the whole process by broadcasting on Facebook, eh?
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    Great that they've been convicted by a court instead of Tommy Robinson. A long sentence to follow hopefully.
  12. Just a prediction fella
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    An incorrect one I reckon. Don't believe all of the reaking rightie stuff on your YouTube feed.
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    It took 11 posts for Tommy Robinson to get a mention. :lol:
  15. Good to hear they were found guilty of such an awful crime. Anyone who rapes someone deserves a long prison sentence.

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    Sick bastards.Hope they get shanked in prison
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  18. For a drink?
  19. Hope they are shagged every day from big Brian.
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    Nice one, so we have proven that the UK legal system is perfectly able to deal with sex offenders and we dont need a load of racist bellends vilifying innocent people all over the City to achieve it.

    She should have been able to walk in the flat naked and not be raped, she could rock up at mine and no would mean no, end of story.

    This is not about ethnicity or about the victim it is about two fucking arseholes who are now going to prison. Night night chumps.

    So when they get a long sentence as is deserved will you admit the courts do not go lightly on people just because they are muslims (as they clearly dont).
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