Roker avenue rapists found guilty

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bob Fleming, Dec 6, 2018.

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    It's funny on times and entertains me :D
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    I need to have a drop in and give it a look ha ha ha :lol:
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  3. True but if those 2 hadn’t have been allowed into this country then that’s 2 fewer scumbags who have a different set of morals to people from other backgrounds.
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    It's radge as fuck on times anarl :D
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    So we stop dealing with refugees going through awful situations because of these two scum bags? On that basis we should stop doing any social work/counselling or giving any help to young white men cause former Roker resident Stephen Grieveson liked raping and murdering young boys.....What a bizarre argument.
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    Chill out man SPUG! Multiculturalism might work, you never know!
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    Gonna out myself here, most of the time its me causing the radge shit, they dont like us lefty liberal snowflakes on there ha ha

    I am 110% for multiculturalism, the faster the Gammons are bred out of existence the better
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  8. I don’t disagree with that.

    But you can not argue that if there were fewer dodgy people allowed into this country (especially those who follow backward religions that persecute women) then there’d be fewer crimes.

    That’s overt discrimination.
  9. dcl0sc

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    It’s a recipe for a countries disaster!
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  10. Taffyduck

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    I'm presuming these two are illegal immigrants?

    It's been bad in Germany hasn't it? Since they opened their borders to Syrian refugees?

    Supposedly a lot of other nationalities including Iranians and Iraqis on false identities?
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  11. Asylum seekers, so glad to escape an evil country that they rape a local woman in the country that has given them somewhere to live.
  12. Bob Fleming

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    Why are you assuming that they're illegal?
  13. 1) you can't count
    2) fuck off
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    It is about a culture though isn't it. Call it race or religion or whatever but there is a disproportionate problem in a sub continental population living in deprived towns of a certain religion and/or belief that are systematically abusing vulnerable white girls. The police have been proven to be negligent on it for the supposition of being racist. They've been instructed to turn a blind eye to it in fact.

    So yes. There is a problem within a Muslim community. It isn't racist. It isn't anything to do with Tommy Robinson. It isn't to to with ukip or the edl. The problem lies on an archaic society that treats women like fucking shite. So fuck off with your pc bullshit. We know the root cause but dont want to tackle it for the fear of being labelled "racist".
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    That changes things if true!

    Europe is full of them. I went to France in the summer and rode down to Spain. The port I caught the ferry at coming home was full of small gangs of them hanging about by traffic lights and roundabouts. Very intimidating and the French have a small army garrison stationed there with around 20 maybe more soldiers .

    Seen a couple walking around the entrance to the port tooled up with smg's and glock pistols. Foreign legion maybe.
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  16. Just the sort of lads who you want your daughter to marry in order to outbreed men who like a fry up.
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  17. Taffyduck

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    I was referring the question to the poster because he said the country shouldn't have let them in so, I just guessed they were illegal.
  18. Harry Angstrom

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    Can't disagree with that mt.
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    horrible bastards.
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    Haven't had one in a while now steve. I might have tomorrow now :D
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