Police asking for yet more money in McCann Investigation

Discussion in 'SMB' started by FootballFan, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Reiver

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    It was a bit of fun, hence the :lol:

    Don't take everything so seriously, you seem fit to bust.
  2. AlpineExile

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    So how many of your statements on this thread were, um, 'sarcastic' then?
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  3. Reiver

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    It's great being able to shrug off incorrect remarks by claiming they're sarcastic or ironic, etc.

    So easy.

    Anyway why would David Payne, who's wife is looking after a 2 year old and a four year old, be going to the McCann's apartment to help Kate McCann with her children?
  4. 1/25
  5. Some Random Guy

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    David's wife was reliable, Kate McCann wasn't. He'll she lost one of her kids later that evening.
  6. tiptoad

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    You're obviously bugged about something. If you're unable to identify sarcasm, show me something I've said and I'll try to help you out.
  7. Don't know why, but :lol:.

    Louis Theroux?
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  8. tiptoad

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    I haven't shrugged anything off, I proved your claim that there was an "agreed timeline" was horseshit. Get over it.

    Why wouldn't David Payne visit Kate McCann's apartment? Either spit it out what crime this proves, or stop posting gibberish.
  9. He did one but this was an exposure programme on ITV after saville died iirc

    He also did a four part show where a woman disappeared and the husband said she was in Canada, but that turned out to be his new girlfriend, using the wife's id
  10. Why the need for abuse? If you're so easily offended, why click on the thread?
  11. FootballFan

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    In all fairness, you still cant beat a good ol McCann thread eh?
  12. You've got me stumped there fella.

    You can't mate, mysteries upon mysteries.
  13. Reiver

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    Wow, you're quite manic aren't you?

    I've never ever said any crime has been proved, why keep demanding things over and over as if you're a McCann ..... it's weird.

    It's also weird that a man should ignore his own children to go to look after someone else's while he plays tennis.

    Even more weird that Gerry McCann should spend less time with his children than the resort staff.

    The children just seem to be a bit of a nuisance.

    You see absolutely nothing strange in any of this, blinkers fully nailed on and immovable .... lash out if challenged in any way.

    I'll leave you to your mania.
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  15. He could be trying to say that David Payne is not a reliable witness and his testimony should be discarded as it's full of shit. Seen as he was one of the last people to supposedly see Maddie alive then, she could have 'disappeared' earlier than we are led to believe.
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  16. Or by claiming that you are open minded and not on a particular side. ;)
  17. sylvian

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    get an answer in a minute marra
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    This thread is going a lot smoother now that heeeedtheball is banned for life.
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