Police asking for yet more money in McCann Investigation

Discussion in 'SMB' started by FootballFan, Feb 12, 2018.

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    It would be good, there is enough material there like.

    In seriousness it is great news that NetFlix are taking this on. They will not be afraid of any McCann threats I think. Interesting to see their take on it.
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  3. I agree.

    I'm a true crime TV junkie, so will be watching this, if it's allowed on Netflix UK
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    :lol: court order being sent from McCann residence as we speak.
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    If it's not on Netflix UK I don't think it will be a struggle to find.
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    Picking one poster out of the smb to call a muppets is a bit harsh. There’s hundreds of em on here.
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    Using an 'insult' like muppet indicates immaturity, not a great insult or very original is it?

    And surely you'd really need to be specific, which muppet .... some of them are great characters, loved worldwide and made millions of people happy.

    I think monkeytassle would be the Swedish Chef ....

    ... makes lots of noise but very little sense and not half as clever as he thinks he is :lol:

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    Martin Brunt (@skymartinbrunt) | Twitter

    click on the responses to Brunts tweet on Feb 12 - Scot Yard asks Home Office for more funding to keep its £11 million search for missing Madeleine McCann going for another six months

    Similar outrage to that on the SMB, it seems like public opinion is really against this thing continuing any further.
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    11 replies, I can feel the outrage. :lol:
  10. Reiver

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    No outrage from me ... I find it all ludicrous, and weird that this one case should keep having money thrown at it, but I'm not outraged.

    Scotland Yard are starting to look like a gambler, who's lost millions, but keeps throwing money on the table in a desperate attempt to rescue themselves.

    "Just a few more quid should do it then I'll be the one having the last laugh."
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  11. Another weird action that not many people know about is Gerry and the family camera. Have you heard about that one mate? The Portugal police requested the images from his camera in the immediate aftermath so they could see if any show the perp and that. He took weeks after he went home to get some bits and bobs with maddys dna on it. As they had nowt on holiday at the time (wiped clean perhaps) whilst he was out there he photo shopped the photos (with the help of his bro) do that the majority were blacked and and the rest were black and whited. Why would anyone do that please? If they wanted to find their child and had nowt to hide?


    Are these muppets too marra?

    John Stalker
    Former deputy chief constable
    "My gut instinct is that there a very big secret being hidden. I have real suspicion that we are not being told the truth."

    Craig Murray
    Former British Ambassador
    "I have direct information that more than one of those diplomats involved with the mccanns found them and their story less than convincing. Guilty as hell."

    Wendy Murphy
    Former US state prosecutor attorney
    "Im not buying what the McCanns are selling. Who hires the nations biggest defense attorneys, PR machines and refuse to answer police questions?"

    Colin Sutton
    Former MET murder DCI
    "I was told by someone senior that the Grange investigation would be very narrowly focused and away from any wrongdoing on part of the McCanns"

    Dr Vernon Coleman
    Former Police surgeon
    "The 12 million that was spent on this case is unprecedented and would have been better served elsewhere."
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    TBH I haven't read very much at all other than when links are hoyed up on threads like this.

    It's just the general demeanour and behaviour that so obviously stinks, although I've no great theory about what happened.

    It's the little things that really make me very uneasy.

    There are endless examples of mothers, whose children have vanished or even died, who keep their rooms exactly as they are,

    Mrs McCann takes her lost child's constant toy, the cuddle cat, and shoves it through a boil wash ..... that's really quite weird, losing the smell and closeness forever.

    At a time when she's supposed to be doing 'absolutely everything' to find her child she decides to stick her things in the wash ... weird.
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    You wouldn't do that like as if you lost your bairn it would be comforting being able to smell her scent

    Didnt know that, somethinga not right like
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    It's good for outing the sick bstards who get pleasure out of the (probable) death of a young child
  15. Reiver

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    I don't talk to many people, about the case, but if it comes on TV or in conversation when we have company I always ask the same question,

    "Would you have stuck her favourite toy through the washer?"

    There's only ever been one answer.

    Boy you're one sick individual coming out with something like that, how on earth does your mind work :oops:
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  16. Horatio Pugwash

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    By reading Footballs fans comment that

    "In all fairness, you still cant beat a good ol McCann thread eh?"
  17. Reiver

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    And in your mind that means @FootballFan is 'a sick bstards who get pleasure out of the (probable) death of a young child'?

    @tiptoad 'liked' the post, are you classing him in with your opinion?

    Dear me man, just delete the post and admit it was totally out of order .... without doubt the worst comment on this thread, possibly the entire board.
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    He obviously meant the discussion not the death of a bairn.

    You've just insinuated he is buzzing that a bairn has been murdered.

    Bad crack that like...
  19. Horatio Pugwash

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    Maybe he didn't, maybe I've misunderstood his post.
    I know there have been some fckers on here who have revelled in it in the past.

    Heeed the ball in particlar used to love it

    Who the fck are you?

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