Police asking for yet more money in McCann Investigation

Discussion in 'SMB' started by FootballFan, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Hawaay there marra, wash your mouth out. @Heed was class.
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  2. Reiver

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    TBH, I've no idea what the hell he's on about, it's all just an hysterical stream of rage.

    Then you follow up, on other people's comments, without ever mentioning the actual case or what you think.

    It's like you're all each other's official spokesman but never say anything other than everyone else is wrong about everything.

    This board is slightly warped :lol:
  3. tiptoad

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    You're the one coming across as a fruitloop. You've twice accused me of saying stuff you've made up yourself, you've made stuff up about there being an "agreed timeline", and you keep demanding I answer your questions despite not being in the slightest bit interested in views other than your own.

    I've been very patient with you, but I respect your decision to pack this shit in. Tara.
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    I new that post would get me a bite.
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  5. There is definitely enough for 10 part Netflix investigation series here

    Even if it's just about a thread on the smb
  6. I have no idea what happened mate but I do feel empathy for the family and feel sad about the way that people kick them when they are down. They made an error in childminding (even thought they were quite close by and made checks) but I have seen plenty (of all classes) who have also done so in similar and more dangerous situations (on roads. near swimming pools and so on). I'm certain that they give themselves a hard time over it so they don't need anyone else to gloat over it.
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  7. Reiver

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    You've been lashing out and throwing insults around from the start man .... step back and take a look at yourself.

    Sunday 12 August: Kate McCann tells Woman's Own magazine that she would rather know her daughter was dead than live in limbo forever.

    What mother would say such a thing .... no mother would give up hope.

    She's a weird one .... tara.
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  8. "I'd buy that for a dollar."
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  9. Reiver

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    I can assure you there's not a shred of gloating from me .... they've made a massive error and will pay for the rest of their lives, must be horrendous.

    I just find that there's loads of slightly weird behaviour.

    Of course that proves nothing but I honestly feel they're all covering up some kind of slack recreational drug abuse and alcohol use.

    I also think the various friends are probably a bit too friendly.

    Apparently it's quite common in 'the sophisticated classes' .....
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  10. niceonemarra

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    The parents are lying mate, as someone (me) who works for high level gov and spent time in the Airforce I can categorically see that they are lying about what happened, that's all I know marra.
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  11. Woah there cowboy. Who's ever come across like they're gloating?

    I have plenty of sympathy for the McCann's, it's just all mainly reserved for Madeline.

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  12. blackcat

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    I don’t understand the ‘royalty/mi6 connections coverup’ theory. If if it was the case that they had the illuminati at their disposal to get them off don’t people think they’d come up with a better alibi/coverup than ‘we went out drinking with our mates and left our young children alone’
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  13. Reiver

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    I'd never gloat over something like this.

    The main reason I come on is to to pull the chains of people who totally refuse to believe those people are anything but 100% squeaky clean.

    They're like evangelists who continually lash out at any heathen who doubts 'the truth'.

    They never admit to finding anything at all weird about the parents .... but you just know they think it ;)
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    Because you're a muppet
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  15. Nice input there mate.
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    I like this answer.
  17. Why?
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  18. Nice to hear mate.
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    Them two still not been arrested?
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  20. Heeeed and Football Fan are slippery customers indeed and are getting support from ProfessionalMackem...
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