Moving back to Durham - City or surroundings villages?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Helmerroids, May 24, 2019.

  1. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    That’s an interesting observation, cuts out a large chunk of the family housing still available in Durham. I’ve relatives in Fram, I know it’s not the best part of the city but if the right house came up there, or Pity Me or Newton Hall I don’t know if I’d write it off.

    Anyway, I lived in Washington for 10 years, I know all about local cliqueyness ;)
  2. Mr.Thunders

    Mr.Thunders Striker

    Wheatley Hill is cheap by all accounts.
  3. GingerNick

    GingerNick Striker

    Burnhope looks likes it populated by some proper wierdos
  4. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    good booze shop though
  5. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    Had a drive around the region over weekend, it’s a right headscrew - viewed some amazing houses at Low Willington, then you head back to the city and look at shoeboxes that cost tons more money.

    There’s no doubt Willington high street looks grotty, the garage being shut when come in from Durham doesn’t help, the Spectrum looks a right mess nowadays too.

    Anyone from Willington make a case for the defence? I personally could put up with the high street as the estates at the bottom end of town look really good. Parkside does seem a really good school too.

    It’s a difficult sell, I’ll probably end paying a fortune for something in the city that’s half the size of the house we’re selling.
  6. aupaalaves

    aupaalaves Midfield

    There are worse places to live than Willington.

    There are plenty of pubs all along the high street.
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  7. EDGE

    EDGE Winger

    Went past Brancepeth at the w/e. Bit expensive and out of the way but looks canny.
  8. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    Cheers, are the boozers friendly enough? Would I be safe taking the other half? :)
  9. martinlumley

    martinlumley Striker

    aye theyre ok mate, plenty safc fans in the Queens. Crook is also canny for pubs, plenty live music on a weekend, and late buses back through Willington to Durham. My mate lives on the cricket club estate, loves it. Charles Church houses iirc?
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  10. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    Cheers mate, yeah that’s the estate. Good point about Crook too, Bishop also not far away for a drink, as well as Durham of course..
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  11. martinlumley

    martinlumley Striker

    that petrol station has been bought by a developer, so i reckon it'll end up with housing on it. There's quite a lot of new building going on around that area, its definitely on the up.
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  12. aupaalaves

    aupaalaves Midfield

    For pubs I usually go to cottles or the club as it's closest to parents' house.

    There are several, though, as I've been away for 14 years and don't go to the pubs very often when I'm back, can't really tell you which ones are good or not. Name's have changed on quite a few as well.

    Perhaps @SAFCMark or @japs could give some advice. They're both from Willington, though, don't think either lives there now.

    Crook is decent. Always found Bishop a bit rough for nights out when I was younger and never felt comfortable. Probably went to the wrong pubs.
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  13. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    West of the A19. Jesus it’s a different world.
  14. Stepover

    Stepover Midfield

    We live in town, near the train station, great transport links, good school catchment area, can get to most places on foot. On street parking the only downside.

    Don't think that house prices have done that much recently tbh - we're in a Victorian terrace, but the new estates up by Mount Oswald's seem to be over priced (to me) when you're still a few mile out of town, and they aren't that big in truth (nice enough though!)

    Depends what your price range is but doesn't seem like the market is doing much/moving that quick.
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  15. Kevj

    Kevj Striker

    Depends on what you look for.

    I was enlightened around two years ago by an astute estate agent (anar).

    Look for villages which were not mining villages.

    The farming villages have tended to retain their character.
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  16. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    A terrace in the centre of town - are you not surrounded by students? That’s what I grew up in, they’re all student houses now.
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  17. aupaalaves

    aupaalaves Midfield

    @Heffer might be able to give advice on the pubs in Willington as well. Judging by his username, I think I know who he is if that was his nickname as a youngen.
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  18. td586

    td586 Midfield


    lock the thread
  19. Barboza dh9

    Barboza dh9 Winger

    Stanley is the place to be, we have a McDonald's now
  20. Thackeray

    Thackeray Striker

    Willington? After all this you're going to move to Willington? You must have been recommended dozens of better options on this thread already.
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