Moving back to Durham - City or surroundings villages?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Helmerroids, May 24, 2019.

  1. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    After twenty years of being away from ol’ Durham Town looks like I’m heading home.

    I still visit my folks there so still feel in touch with how it’s changed, I’m wondering how people find the surrounding villages these days though - it’s ridiculous how much more house you get for your money. I know there’ll be detractors, but what are places like Langley Moor, Meadowfield, Bearpark like to live in these days? Also drawn to Willington, love Weardale and looks like lots of decent new housing up that way.

  2. Cookie

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    Depends on budget really.

    Durham City itself is practically student only unless you look at Potters Bank or similar, where you'd need a canny budget.

    Personally I'd go village but wouldn't fancy the areas you mention above, would be more drawn to Lanchester, Sunderland Bridge, Plawsworth, that sort of thing.
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  3. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    I'd go for Shincliffe if I had the money.
  4. pavarotti1980

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  5. oROSSo

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    langley, meadowfield, brandon all ok if you get the right place/estate.

    Nicer villages albeit not much in terms of amenities are shincliffe village, brancepeth, sunderland bridge. Nevilles cross has a few more bts going on.

    Depends on budget, age, how quiet you want it.
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  6. MackneyHackem

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    There's a place called Bearpark? :lol:
  7. I lived in Durham City for 10 years till last Christmas. Really enjoyed it at first but it is very very studenty now and I found it becoming more and more impersonable. Still a great City mind. Moved to Sedgefield I am really enjoying village life a lot more.

    There is also a place called "No Place"
  8. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    name came from a medieval monastery called Beau Repaire, the ruins are still there.
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  9. MackneyHackem

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  10. Amnorrageordie

    Amnorrageordie Midfield

    Durham's Riviera. Seaham.
  11. safc1981

    safc1981 Central Defender

    And Pity Me
  12. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

  13. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    Near Pity Me
  14. mackembulldog

    mackembulldog Winger

  15. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    Means someone else will do the gardening if you can’t be bothered.
  16. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    it's a small development on the grounds of a big country house, gated etc about 3 miles out of durham city centre.
  17. mackembulldog

    mackembulldog Winger

    I didnt look further into the details.. saw communal garden and it put me off... if communal garden essentially meant the 3-4 acres of land.. then thats fine.. Id find a place to walk around happily in my undercrackers
  18. It stinks of shit now and again though cos its near a sewage treatment place I think.
  19. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    I know what you’re saying about the studentisation of the city. Lot to weigh up, need good schools, sixth form, which the city obviously has (albeit Johnston has a waiting list). Outside of there Parkside at Willington has good ofsted ratings. We can go outskirts like the areas you’ve mentioned, just the houses are so much smaller than out in the villages.

    Going to have a drive down next week, take refresher tour round the area.
  20. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    [​IMG] sure you'd find somewhere

    20 years since I was at school but Parkside was always known as a rough school mind. My mate moved to willington about a year back, nice house in an estate near the cricket club.
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