Moving back to Durham - City or surroundings villages?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Helmerroids, May 24, 2019.

  1. Stepover

    Stepover Midfield

    There’s a couple of student houses but vast majority private owned where we are. Around the viaduct it’s more noticeable. We get no bother from students, nor have ever really seen any.
  2. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    Ya not wrong. Thornley is west of the A19 and is far superior to the likes of Seaham.
  3. THExpress

    THExpress Central Defender

    Drove through Wheatley hill/shotton way today it reminded me of Chernobyl. Complete ghost towns and the only sign of people I did see where pure hillbilly’s.
  4. Karl

    Karl Subs Bench

    Sherburne or belmont
  5. spanky

    spanky Central Defender

    Used to live in Brandon I moved away about 12 years ago (thank god) hated the place I wouldn't live anywhere out that way tbh.
  6. martinlumley

    martinlumley Striker

    where do you live now?
  7. spanky

    spanky Central Defender

    Boldon :)
  8. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    Shadforth seems quite nice in parts. I wouldn't fancy that hill if it's icy though.
  9. :eek:
  10. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    May I ask which idyllic area you live in? I will point out I live in neither of the places you have judged.

    Some lovely properties in Shadforth, a well hidden gem.
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  11. Heffer

    Heffer Midfield

    I never used to drink in Willington to be fair as most of my mates from school were from Crook. If I ever did it would be the bottom black horse or the odd pint in the market which is now closed. Spent most of my time in Crook or Bishop as a youngun.

    I moved away because my missus is from Chester originally and she wanted to be closer to her family. Also thought there was more going on in Chester, easier to commute and get to places as it's more central.

    As I said in an earlier reply I used to fucking hate trying to get into Durham from willington on a morning. Used to take forever to get through Langley moor and Nevilles Cross.

    A mate of mine has recently moved into the new estate at the bottom and he seems happy there. Good house for the money he paid whereas you dont get as much for your money in places like Chester.
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  12. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    Thanks, from what you say about the traffic it definitely sounds like turning right at Browney down to Sunderland Bridge/A167 is the way to get in these days.
  13. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    that's what I do too
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  14. Heffer

    Heffer Midfield

    100% yes. If you need to get to the end of the city near the crematorium then you can go down the road off the a167 as well. Longer drive but much faster.

    In short, I never had any bother in Willington apart from arsehole who moved in next door and I lived there for over 30 years. It's not the worst place in the world and I think a lot of the rep it gets isn't fair although I may be saying that with tinted glasses on. It has decent amenities and the hub of durham/bishop/crook is convenient. I walk down Chester front street now and see just as much bother as I did in willington. Horses for courses.
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  15. Mackem DJ

    Mackem DJ Striker

    Probably gonna be the only McDonalds with two fulltime door staff.
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  16. td586

    td586 Midfield

    narrow it down to which year marra
  17. Barboza dh9

    Barboza dh9 Winger

    Aye,, Bouncers on the door:lol:

    JAZZMANB Striker

    My exact house was £100k more (new build ) up near aykley heads when I moved in ,prefer where I am

    Our favourite park for footy etc
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  19. martinlumley

    martinlumley Striker

    have you looked at the new development on that very road at Browney?Avant Homes -Broadmeadows
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  20. Curlyteeth

    Curlyteeth Goalkeeper

    Love that hub. Does the pagoda still exist in Crook, its ages since I've been there. They'll bury wendy Craig in it one day

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