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Discussion in 'SMB' started by maygo, Mar 14, 2019.

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    According to the Netflix programme Kate McCann found the bedroom window open when she discovered the bairns wasn't there. Why would anyone leave by a window when the back patio door was open, presumably the same way the abductor entered the building. This might seem harsh but thousands of kids go missing each year in the UK alone, why has £11m (I'm sure I heard this figure mentioned) been made available for this case?
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    No matter what has happened, for me, the fact is that the McCann's parenting was terrible. They've got away with that. The way both they, the Portuguese police, and the British press approached this has ruined any chance of finding her.
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    Cheers marra, if you have a different opinion to the majority you hace to be prepared to take a bit, i dont mind that, its just a bit tedious when peoole say you are disrrspctful and try and make it personal, none of this is personal, its just a different opinion, in a world where different opinions are supposed to be allowed.
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    They haven’t ‘made millions’ personally , it’s been paid into the charity hasn’t it ?
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    None of this would have happened if they hadn’t neglected their children and left them alone while they enjoyed themselves eating and drinking.
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    Except that it isn't a charity ...

    Do you remember when they were caught using it to pay off their mortgage?
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  7. Nookie Bear

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    Oh aye there were legal reasons why it couldn’t be a charity so it’s a not for profit org - still have to publish accounts. Yeah I remember that but it was just for the two initial months when they were in Portugal wasn’t it - couple of grand
  8. robbied1

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    They paid their mortgage off, terrible behaviour
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    No they didn’t man - they paid a couple of months of it while they were still in Portugal
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  10. For the people who believe her parents did it, can anyone explain how they could possibly have got rid of her body under the gaze of the worlds press? They had cameras on them every second of every day.

    IMO (apart from shit parenting) I don't think they had anything to do with whatever happened to her. They come across as extremely unlikable though.
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    How about when you have an opinion that isn’t backed up with any real facts or data, and also happens to be disrespectful, shameful and hurtful?

    Some people won’t immunise their kids because of their ‘opinion’. Some people harass parents of dead kids online because of their ‘opinion’.

    You can have your ‘opinion’, but don’t cry foul when you get called out on it.
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    Have i ever cryed foul?? And what evidence do you expect me to provide??
  13. Pancho

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    Some may interpret that to mean they paid off their mortgage in full when that is not the case.

    The McCanns paid two monthly mortgage payments only from the fund.

    Apparently this was not in contravention of the broad aim of the fund but in any event payments stopped when they were made formal suspects in Portugal.

    I don't know if the money was subsequently repaid to the fund.
  14. robbied1

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    Tell me where have i harrased parents of dead kids?? What an absolute moronic thing to say which just proves what i said earlier
  15. Pancho

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    Damn you and your nimble fingers.
  16. jedi_toaster

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    Tell me where I accused you of harassing anyone?

    You’re the moron.
  17. robbied1

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    I think you know what your insinuation was.
  18. jedi_toaster

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    You’ve even got an ‘opinion’ on what you think I know.

    I was referring to Sandy Hook ‘truthers’, but if the shoe fits....
  19. Pancho

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    Please do a little research and get your facts straight before pressing the reply button.

    Thank you.
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