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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Titus

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    Was watching highlights of Froch v Groves 1 and it just reminded me how incredible Froch's chin was like.
  2. It was like fucking granite. Took everything and kept on coming. Good job because his defence was shit.

    I don't know if he was shell shocked or something but CEJ didn't throw a punch for the 1st 6 rounds. If and its a big if, he had started the fight earlier, I would have had him up on points by the end. But if my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle etc etc..

    There's no way this isn't going to end up a war. Like Khan I don't think Groves has the disciple to stick to a game plan for 12 rounds. He'll get tagged then it'll be a red rag to a bull in a china shop. It's going to be his undoing imo.

    I'll stick my neck out and say Eubank stoppage late on.
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  3. Eubank 7-9 rds...6 to 1

    Both fighters to be knocked down..6 to 1
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  4. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    Saunders is very hit and miss, which is why it's only now, after the Lemieux fight, in which he put on a good show, he is being talked about as a genuine world champion. And, I mean across the pond. Saunders wasn't at his best against Eubank.

    A lot has been said about Groves' stamina but what is not being said is that he is a very busy fighter while Eubank fights for 30 seconds of a round. So, by round 7, Groves has had as many exchanges as Eubank does in an entire fight.

    And, much is made of Groves' suspect chin - he has been 12 rounds with fighters with a much better track record than Eubank.

    I don't mind Eubank when he's interviewed, comes across quite well, but he does not have anywhere near the experience at the top level as Groves has. Add to that Groves is bigger, hits a lot harder, is a better boxer, and you have to ask what do the bookies know that is just not backed up by the experience of what these two fighters have done?

    If you weigh it all up here the only thing I can think is that the bookies have inside information which suggest Groves is spent.
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  5. Could well be.

    Agreed, but Cej does have some, and after this this fight he will have more. Could be onto something with the bit about Groves, he has been in some proper tear ups over the years, it's bound to catch up with you sooner rather than later.

    Either way, it's going to be a hum dinger. Can't wait.
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  6. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    But even then, Saunders' best wins were possibly Andy Lee and Lemieux (very one dimensional).

    Groves beat Degale, went 12 rounds with Jack, beat a strong Chudinov, was the better fighter against Froch twice for a good portion of the fight - and is much bigger and hits a lot harder than Saunders.
  7. Got beat of jack, sparked clean out and tko in another so nowt to shout about.....squeezed passed degale on a rd so canny win tbf..and chudinov was beat in the fight before groves by the shot Sturm.

    Seems to have been around for ever, best win squeezing past degale 7 years ago, possibly. For someone of his undoubted talent doesn’t seem right.
  8. I think he's had some self esteem issues in the past, no real insight, just they way he came across in his early years. I guess for a boxer, that's a big no no. To be fair to him though, he has turned it around of late and I'm glad he won the World champ belt at his 3rd attempt.
  9. Aye, if only for the entertainment in the froch fights...class events.

    Just heard froch and he favours Eubank Jr, doesn’t believe groves can hurt him.

    Hatton favours groves, just.

    Crolla goes Eubank

    Aj goes eubank, just.

    Bellew goes groves, says he doesn’t believe the hype,big super v small middleweight.
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  10. Saunders reckons Groves just as does the slapper Calzage. That's why its such a great fight, no one really knows until the 1st bell goes. I reckon we're going to see some 'Rocky' style action.
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  11. WalkerSAFC

    WalkerSAFC Midfield

    There’s not a single logical argument that can be made for Eubank winning this. It’s all based on what ifs and unknown quantities. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he did but can’t see how anyone can say it with great confidence. I fancy Groves to stop him between 6-9 though
  12. Hew man, ;)

    Aye, absolute quality, this super series has been fucking quality.
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  13. :D;)

    Aye it has like. Long may it continue.
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  14. Groves vs. Eubank Jr: The boxing industry’s predictions

    Few ex and current fighters predictions, only a little bit of commentary.

    Just been trying to watch public work outs, hard with Eubank snr piss farting about in the ring with his ridiculous jacket the mad curnt...jr looks on weight now:eek::eek:

    Groves is going to look massive man.
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  15. The Bridge Lad

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    Looking forward to this. Really good card as well.

    I reckon the main event will go the distance and Jr will get the nod, even if he doesn't necessarily deserve it.
  16. The closer this one gets I'm more inclined to go for Groves. Get the feeling he's being written off in some quarters.....Eubanks is favourite based on last performance......fair do's it was a cracking KO but the quality of opponent wasn't that good imo.

    Groves will be the bigger man on the night by 10/12lbs, boxed in at a higher level for several years, good heart and can take a shot.....if he avoids a war and keeps it at distance he could outclass Eubanks.
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  17. agree with some of this, its his sheer size advantage that makes me most nervous in terms of picking eubank..
    obviously coupled with good power and solid technique.

    still favouring a bet on eubank late stoppage but maybe put off at weigh in...
  18. SAFC 83

    SAFC 83 Midfield

    Agree with this. I favour Groves and can't wait to see how Eubank reacts to getting hit flush by a big punching super middle.

    Mind I don't think Groves avoids going to war at some point. He's got the ability to use the jab and perhaps make the fight easier for himself but you just know at some point he'll stand toe to toe.

    Can't wait for this, pretty much 50/50 fight where both fighters have differing strengths and weaknesses (almost totally opposite), with any result possible. I think Groves either middle rounds or just hanging on for points win. Not with much confidence though.
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  19. Titus

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    Groves has that trait that Booth fighters seem to all possess, they appear slick and awkward, but still get hit too often. Haye, Groves and even Kelly in his early fights (Not writing him off before anybody pisses their pants and jumps the gun) all share this to some extent.

    I know he's with McGuigan now, but he still fights with a similar style to what Booth developed.
  20. SAFC 83

    SAFC 83 Midfield

    Yeah, I know what you mean.

    Groves has an excellent jab though (when he decides to use it) and Eubank has never really faced anyone with a decent one. That's my big thing here, I've no idea how good Eubank is. I don't know if his chin is as good as it's reputation would suggest because most of his opponents have been hand picked for him and have stood right in front of him. His defence has been really suspect against very average opponents as well.

    The one time he came up against a boxer he couldn't get near him till he gassed half way through. I know Eubank will have improved a lot from then but I just feel Groves is the better boxer and hits harder. Although I could certainly see Eubank getting to Groves late.

    Also you can fuck off hating on our lad Josh .;)

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