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  1. Headliner may be a great fight like.....nee boxing of note toneet
  2. gatopreto

    gatopreto Midfield

    Groves will beat Eubank Jr. Naturally bigger, stronger, more experienced, hits harder and should be able to outbox Eubank. His jab will be key.

    The only way Eubank will win is if Groves' hard fights have caught up with him and he's passed his best.

    I really do think the bookies have got it wrong on this occasion going with Eubank .
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  3. the veteran

    the veteran Central Defender

    Hope so...just to shut eubank snr up....but i doubt it will keep him quiet coz the bloke is a loon...
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  4. GK

    GK Striker Contributor

    It'll be close but I think Eubank Jr will win. He's technically a much better boxer and his uppercut in particular will test anyone's jaw. Groves hasn't got a particularly good one.
  5. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Do we have any idea if eubank has a decent chin yet?
    He is fighting a division above, so it's a fair obstacle really.
  6. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Still just about leaning towards Groves although I thought he was poor against Cox. Know I've said it a few times but it's one of those fights which on paper at least can't not be a really good fight, Eubank looked clueless on how to deal with a jab against Saunders and Groves has a very good jab when he gets it going, plus Euabnk has been matched very carefully since the loss to Saunders whereas Eubank's pressure could cause absolute nightmares for Groves as well. Each of them could just be the other's stylistic nightmare

    Will probably change my mind nearer the time but going for a Groves stoppage in around 7 or 8.

    Only time he's really been stunned was against Spike O'Sullivan but he recovered fairly quickly although Groves is a very big puncher at the weight and will be the much bigger man on the night. Martin Murray said he was hit harder by Groves than he was by Golovkin :eek:
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  7. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    I'd never read that :eek: Bloody hell.

    I pretty much agree with the above like, can see Groves dominating with the jab after seeing out an early flurry from Eubank. Wouldn't be surprised to see Eubank blow himself out and get frustrated to be picked off by the bigger man around round 8 or 9.
  8. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    Eubank is technically better?! Not a chance. Eubank comes in open, is often flat footed and from what we've seen so far really should be put away by a boxer of Groves' quality.

    I just can't see how the bookmakers can have Eubank favourite for this. From what we've seen so far he's a volume puncher with a decent engine. Everyone assumes he has a good chin like his old man but when he's been caught. e.g. by O'Sullivan, he has been wobbled; and you can bet your life Groves hits a lot harder.

    Anyone with a spare few grand they can afford to lose will be lumping on Groves for this because the odds are extremely generous. That's not to say Eubank can't or won't win, but what is certain is that we all know Groves is a world class operator whereas Eubank is going to have to show something that no one has seen from him in order to beat Groves.

    On what basis are people making Eubank favourite? The only time he's been in with anyone of any quality he has lost.

    Groves knocked Froch over and Froch has some chin, and the way Eubank comes in with poor footwork and leaving himself open there's a very good chance Groves will knock Eubank out.


    I didn't think he was.

    Cox is a good fighter who would cause many a fighter problems, and we all know Groves isn't comfortable when a fighter gets inside but he still found a way to knock him over - not many knock Cox over.

    And, Cox is much more game than Eubank. Eubank is a naturally conservative fighter who fights for 30 seconds of a round and coasts the rest.

    I have absolutely no idea why such faith is placed in Eubank. From what we've seen so far he has very little chance, for him to win he's going to have produce something what to date no one has seen.
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  9. aye....never even seen him blink and he has taken big big shots in wild exchanges.

    can see him overwhelming groves with pace and pressue from rd 6 onwards.
  10. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    He more than blinked when O'Sullivan caught him - he was in survival mode, but to his credit his instinct to keep his head above water kept him in there.

    Groves hits a lot harder, and Groves has done 12 rounds with much better fighters.

    Eubank's only chance is that he can get inside Groves' jab because that his where Groves is vulnerable.

    All things considered though, should really only be one winner.
  11. no..he thought. okay bite on gumshield and swung back twice as hard.

    eubank has the far better stamina and chin, if the groves bombs bounces of the legendary eubank chin he will drown.

    trying to decide groves best win over his ten year career.?

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  12. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    What legendary chin? He's never been in with a big enough hitter to say, and when O'Sullivan caught him flush he was certainly grabbing thin air to hold on.

    As for stamina, Groves has gone 12 rounds with the likes of Jack (who would murder Eubank by the way).

    Groves' biggest weakness is inside, where he is undoubtedly more than uncomfortable, that's where Eubank has to get regularly to win the fight - problem is, Eubank is a conservative fighter who likes to fight in bursts - he doesn't have the intensity to make life very difficult for Groves.

    As for Degale, I never thought he was that good and certainly not good enough to put together a string of wins as champion. A defeat waiting to happen.

    As said, I'm not saying Eubank can't or won't win, and we all know Groves is beatable - but from what we've seen of these two fighters Groves should easily be the favourite to win this.
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  13. GK

    GK Striker Contributor

    He's technically much better than groves. Not just better, much better .

    This too.
  14. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    You're possibly the only person in the world who thinks that.

    Can you explain in what way?

    I reckon people would say Eubank is sloppy, whereas Groves is technically sound.
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  15. Big Bird

    Big Bird Goalkeeper

    Chudinov was a very good win
  16. The Eubank legendary chin...ha way man.:)

    So your not saying eubank can’t or won’t win but Groves should easily be the favourite? what exactly are you saying.

    Good win I’d say.
  17. GK

    GK Striker Contributor

    Groves can't fight inside. At all. You can argue all you want about who has the better long or middle game but inside eubank is technically much much better. If groves can't find his jab and stop eubank getting inside he is fucked. Particularly with that chin of his.

    For that alone I'd have eubank as favourite.
  18. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Just seen the Gilberto Ramirez fight from last weekend. That Ahmed fella has to be one of the worst fighters to challenge for a world title this decade and Laurence Cole further cements his status as the worst referee in the sport
  19. Titus

    Titus Striker

    That's ridiculous. 'Much better'? No way.
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  20. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon Striker

    I think Groves wins a close fight on points behind a good jab. If Eubank manages to make it a war, then it could go either way and both will have their chins tested.
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