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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Toronado

    Toronado Central Defender

    Why are so many people rating Hughie Fury and fancying his chances against Joseph Parker ?

    Nevermind that what's he done to deserve a title shot ? He beat Fred Kassie and that's about it only got the chance cause of his surname.

    Don't get me wrong he's young and promising and looks like he's got a decent future ahead of him but don't like his chances against Parker who can hit hard and fast, his fight against Takam was brilliant and I don't think Hughie could handle that kind of contest !

    N also his cousins back in it running his mouth of on Twitter,

    Bellew to KO Haye
    Hughie to get the win
    Wlad to knock out AJ

    Don't think he's got one right there !
  2. messi

    messi Midfield

    Not convinced about Parker either, will be a shit fight I think.
  3. Wadebayor84

    Wadebayor84 Goalkeeper

    Parker is fucking minging. Fury can beat him i think, as can most of our too heavyweights
  4. Toronado

    Toronado Central Defender

    What is it about Parker you don't rate ? Yeah he seems like he hooks and slings punches a bit but surely he's got more than enough to push if not beat an untested 22 year old ?!?
  5. whoever gets to parker first out of Joshua/wlad/haye/wilder has an easy nights work imo
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  6. 6 or 7 heavyweights who matter at the moment and Joseph parker is not one of them.

    It's a fight between two up and coming heavyweights for me, or more no less.
  7. Toronado

    Toronado Central Defender

    But in Ustinov, Takam and Ruiz has Parker not fought a more credible set of opponents than Joshua ?!?
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  8. RichD

    RichD Striker

    Parker has been looked after the same way as AJ, however both are now champions so should be fighting the best in the world, lets hope that the sport over rides the Money TV companies and politics but I doubt it...
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  9. Splitting hairs........neither has faced the relevant heavies, difference is AJ absolutley walks through them, destroys them with ease, plays with them,that's the why he is relevant.
  10. california_surf

    california_surf Midfield

    Glad a few people on here think the same as me about Parker. Will get took out when he fights outside of new zealand.
    Takam fight was a good win but his stamina was terrible and would have been took out if Takam pressed more in the later rounds.

    Hughie Fury doesnt seem to have much of a punch but think he would have a good chance of taking Parker out late or by points.
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  11. The Spezial One

    The Spezial One Striker

    "Parker vs Takam was brilliant" :neutral::lol::lol:

    Stopped reading after that drivel.
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  12. Wadebayor84

    Wadebayor84 Goalkeeper

    He is so stiff mate its unreal. He is too easy to hit, never moves his head. Anyone who has a bit of fluidity i think will highlight it. respect to the bloke but i wont be suprised in the slightest if fury does a right job on him
  13. Laxalt

    Laxalt New Member

    Parker might be overrated but it looks like Hughie is being overrated aswell. Hughie didn't even look special against Kassi.

    That's actually how I feel about Joshua. Stiff as a board. Tyson Fury is leagues above him in terms of movement.
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  14. Toronado

    Toronado Central Defender

    Your right that's one thing about Joshua that can't be denied he has shown any decent bobbing and weaving or even head movement granted he hasn't really need to but you can't imagine him coming out in April and moving like Tyson did against Wlad

    I can't handle Hughie coming out and saying he's the best currently active heavyweight though considering who he has fought it's delusion ! Decent potential but wow
  15. Wadebayor84

    Wadebayor84 Goalkeeper

    I agree with hughie saying things like hes the best in the world is ridiculous....its all done to raise profile etc.

    I have never seen anything in parker that makes me think he is world class, as i said bit of head movement and footwork will go along way to neutralising most of his attributes. Big step for young fury but think he has a massive chance
  16. vinegar hill

    vinegar hill Striker

    The only reason Hughie Fury is considered at all is because of his name.
    He simply isn't very good.
    Decent skills, but couldn't crack an egg.
    The jury is certainly still out on Parker but he's way better than Fury.
    Fury may get blasted out.
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  17. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Brook-Spence happening in Sheffield with a likely date of 27th May, Spence looks a superb prospect but this is a huge step up in class for him. Hopefully the winner of that will fight the winner of Garcia-Thurman.

    Also a canny little double-header on BoxNation this weekend as Adrien Broner fights Adrian Granados (who is a much better fighter than his record suggests) with an intriguing chief support of Avanesyan-Lamont Peterson.

    Thoughts on how Brook-Spence will go? @The Bridge Lad @The Spezial One
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  18. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Not into my boxing as much these days marra, far more interested in general football at the moment which is strange for me. That said, i am looking forward to the Brook fight. Very hard to pick someone, i just don't know. Spence has looked very impressive and has some good wins, but he is now travelling and first time going into a fight not the clear favourite, but can Brook make 147 safely again after his time at 160 and lifestyle out of the ring? I'd defo pay for that one whereas i'm not that interested in Haye Bellew particularly with the undercard being weak.
  19. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Been a canny weekend of boxing, 3 really good fights on the Belfast card on Friday and a knockout of the year candidate in the Lemieux-Stevens scrap.

    Could probably make a case for Lemieux being the hardest puncher in the sport pound-for-pound at the minute.
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  20. Mrjardine

    Mrjardine Striker

    Brutal that KO mind.

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