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“A bit” is a massive understatement, he holds one of four belts, yet thinks he holds all the cards.
He does to be fair. He’s the one to beat
Been posting for months in here that Joyce makes a mess of AJ….got a few pelters but they’ll be agreeing in the main now. styles and all
That. Be a f***ing cracking fight while it lasts. If fury v aj doesn’t get made I’d love that.

Although the dream fight is wilder v Joyce. Have to see if he can take those bombs anarl.

I thinks he’s scared
Didn’t give you any pelters but I didn’t see the fuss with Joyce before last night.
Can see people dodging him after that
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I had it on before the fight Joyce in the 11th as well as JOyce to win by KO. I only bet small but turned 2 quid into 80 which will cover my footy bets for a couple of months - woohooo I was due a winner
How did you get 40s?

I got 21/1iirc


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Joyce is fascinating ! Massive win last night, good performance not as slow as he’s seemed before but great pressure, chin and stamina !

Beats the b-level fighters like Wilder, Whyte etc after all Parker was pushed properly by Whyte and Chisora, he gives Joshua a massive horrible test and maybe wins and then gives Usyk and Fury huge problems !

Adds a very interesting change up to the HW division
No chance gets hit to much to absorb wilders power and would end up getting Knocked out.

Beats AJ , Whyte and Co

Think Fury and Usyk would have to much skill and movement to beat him on points


Fury doesn’t strike me as the type to shit himself at the thought of any opponent.

I don’t think he’d ever think anything other than a one sided beat-down would happen.
Manuel Charr has been talker up plenty the last few days !

Knowing Fury’s and his teams character they probably signed to fight him then called Joshua’s bluff for publicity


Fury would shit himself if Joshua signed for the fight imo. Literally nowt to gain, anything other than a one sided beat down would be seen as failure
Shit himself?
He’d Pisa himself with one of the easiest fights he’s had in a long time.
Joshua is on a very slippery slope and his confidence is zero.
He’d get punched to bits of fury.


Remember aj ko him in one round 10 year ago.
Just read up on that, AJ 1 year out from Olympic Gold, Joyce just starting his amateur career.
4 years ago I think it would have had a massive impact if they fought, not so much now with Joshua's self confidence gone abit