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  1. Note* anyone reading my comment about being able to loot US Government supply drops after the player who requested them, DO NOT DO THIS - Bethesda have patched this and you will get a Wanted tag
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    Update after Santa gave me this for christmas.

    Being a Fallout fanboy I was determined to dislike this game. No story as such, No npcs, PvP.. everything Fallout should not be.... I was wrong.

    Now level 17 and completly hooked. Really enjoying being out and about just exploring. I have hardly seen another player (which was my biggest concern.. HATE PvP),
    In fact I was playing the other night and there were only two other players on the massive map.

    My only "downer".. I dont like the use of cards for levelling, and the "real time" VATS take some getting used to.
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  3. The best part of the recent Fallout games (and Skyrim for that matter) was just mooching about and coming across random enemies, buildings etc and this has that.

    I’m Level 32 but still feel fragile at times and some of the events are a real struggle solo but I can’t be arsed with multiplayer. The Challenge for 76 hours gameplay popped a few days ago so 80 hours in 2 months means I must be enjoying it. I’m grinding a little at the minute repeating a few events for XP before I move on and tick off some quests I struggled with a few levels ago. Better equipment would be nice mind as most of my guns and armour I’ve had for ages.

    You can burn through quite a bit ammo and repair materials after a big fight against a mob even around your level…..Didn’t think I’d be short of steel scrap or plastic earlier in the game when I had shitloads and was ignoring it.
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  4. If you want some Legendary weapons you should try the Ghoul Farm at Whitespring aka the Golf Club - you will have to face about 20 ghouls so it's best to have a good melee weapon like a Super Sledge and fill yourself to the eyeballs with Buffout and Psycho. You usually end up with 3 or 4 Legendary weapons or armour each time and of course if you get killed you still have them when you respawn.
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  5. Nice. I always have an aversion to dying in games so never thought of that :lol::lol:
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    It ain’t as bad as what it’s been made out to be IMO, like. I’m still only level 22 and I’m hooked although with Resi 2 coming out today I can see me shelving this game for a bit.
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    Gutted. Got to level 23 and been going along happily exploring and avoiding other players, get a message saying "get to gov. air drop" get there, open it.. WANTED. :eek:
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    Grrr. Bitten. 14.95 new on eBay with 1.50 Quidco and 1% back.

    Rude not tee.
  9. It was mentioned above they've patched it so it now belongs only to the player who requests it.

    Level 38 and moving more and more towards a melee build. Just got enough black titanium to build a full set of Excavator power armour so gonna try and mop up some quests I was struggling with a couple of weeks ago.

    Probably put 100 hours into it and still got areas to explore.
  10. It'll be free to play within a few months.
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    Forgive the ignorance of my question - does the player need an online subscription to play this game? Asking for a Playstation 4 player.
  13. Yes. PS Plus subscription required.
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    Thank you, Town End Farmer Giles
  15. Still not keen on the look and feel of power armour so only going to use it occasionally. Noticing a huge difference since I started concentrating on melee. Got perk cards to buff up my damage and swing speed and making light work of most things that aren’t Level 50+. I’ll probably respec at 50 to move a few points around as well.
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  16. Just found the Executioners Ski Sword and upgraded it to metal shards and it is crazily powerful.
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    Daft question but how do people back out on PS4. I usually just hoy the PS4 in rest mode when I'm finished but it doesn't seem to drop me at last point and not sure if it's saved everything?
  18. Options to bring the map up. Then L1 then quit.
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  19. Just reached Level 150 and going strong :cool:
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  20. Boinger

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    I think this game is best played ( if playing single player) not following any quests.. just random exploring, scavenging and killing.

    Was getting my arse handed to me by a load of ghouls when a "knight in shining power suit" rocked up and saved me.. Turns out he was/is a mag. :eek: :lol:
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