Fallout 76

SAFC Nooey

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Bethesda dropping some new fallout teaser yesterday. Early suggestions were a remaster for 3 or NV but more reports coming in that it could be a new game entirely.
Bastards have a twitch stream up teasing something but supposedly won't be revealed until this evening.
Hopefully it is a new game.


It's its just a graphical update it'll be awful to play. Find them both very difficult to adapt to gameplay wise after playing 4.

SAFC Nooey

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Hints at a new fallout spinoff.
Like new vegas basically.
Seems too much of a build up for just a remaster.
Saying that i'd still enjoy a fallout 3 or new vegas remaster

Roker Mackem

Did Fallout VR ever get done? Could be that.

I loved Fallout 3.. something was off with NV but not sure what... and couldnt get into 4.

SAFC Wilks

Some people saying it’s an announcement for Fallout 4 for the Switch.

If that is true, then surely that’s a bit anticlimactic giving the whole ‘Please Stand By’ teaser.