Facts about Sunderland

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  1. the boot

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    When digging the founds for Nissan they found the body of a missing parachutists who went missing during a jump 18 year previous.


    Here fishy fishy
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    Yes but they go to Shields for kerry
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    Probably because people thought we were Jacobites

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  4. Might have worked if you didn't spell "Sunderland" wrong. :lol:
  5. Bladecat

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    Kate Adie developed her fearless style of reporting from war zones by drinking at lock ins in the Tramcar and Hogans
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    Bollocks. Took me ages as well!!
    Did you press it vinny?
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    JRR Tolkein got the idea of the Balrog and Gandalf on the bridge of Kazahd Dum when he got steaming drunk at the Deaf Club one night, staggered over the Wearmouth Bridge, shat himself and was chased around the town by a massive angry ginger bloke called Barry Grogg who wouldn't let him pass
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  8. Of course not! :confused:

    Probably. :p
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  9. the boot

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    Shameless was based loosely on SR6,
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  10. rey mysterio

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    More Sunderland facts:

    The Glass Spider was built upon a Native American burial ground and was one of the most haunted bars in the country, attracting Derek Acorah who was promptly punched all over in the toilets

    Penshaw Monument, Silksworth Ski Slope and Ryhope McDonalds are perfectly aligned to the stars of Orion's Belt

    Sunderland was named after the Short Sunderland flying boat, and not the other way around as commonly thought

    Wear Garth was demolished brick by brick and rebuilt in downtown Dhaka but "collapsed"

    Sunderland had won the contract from the United Federation of Planets to build the new Starfleet Ship NCC 1701 however Thatcher shut the yards down and they sent the work to Vulcan instead. Twats.
  11. Nahh.
    He developed Red House Downhill ( used to be called Eyes Downhill) and Back House Park.
    It was his inspiration that lead Eddy Thompson to print Bingo tickets
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  13. the boot

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    Nope. Village.

    Mmmmmm burden was not what I was thinking but it could be. Is there a church shop or pub up there?

    I’ve checked burden is not a hamlet. Only one in Sunderland is....... away keep trying.
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    Warden Law?
  15. Some Random Guy

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    Change Ryhope McDonalds to Tunstall Hill and you have something that sounds like it could be a thing.

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    It would be great if there was a serious thread on Sunderland facts and a parody one for the funny fuckers, to separate them.
  17. Summer Bee

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    I like trying to distinguish which is which
  18. luvulongtime

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    Thomas Harris who wrote Silence of the Lambs called the head FBI agent played by Scott Glen..Jodie Fosters boss in the film after Jack Crawford. he'd been on a historical tour of England in his younger days and Crawfords heroics had stuck in his mind
  19. Charlton Heston's grandparents are from Sunderland.
  20. cauldbairn

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