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    Carley Hill, we went there when I was at school to look at them. The big ones look like cannonballs embedded in the cliff face. When we were kids we'd nick birds eggs and replace them with a suitably sized Cannonball Rock so they'd keep laying.
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    That’s reet. They were housed at fence houses which used to be French houses during the war.

    See if anyone knows Sunderland’s last remaining hamlet.

    And Roker Pier is not a pier.

    And Sunderland ain’t in the doomsday book.
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    Cox Green?
  4. Tuono

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    Sunderland has the highest percentage of people who's profession is "musician" than any other UK town or city.
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    Are you talking about the people of Carley Hill?
  6. waddy999

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    I suspect a few of these so called "facts" are urban myths.
    Interesting nonetheless.
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    A Wearside 'crook' named Eddie Chapman was once awarded the German Iron Cross Medal by Adolf Hitler for his work as a spy on his homeland!

    EDIT - Born in Burnopfield actually!
    Eddie Chapman - Wikipedia
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    Wait really? Pics?
  9. "Alice In Sunderland" is also the b-side to "Stingray" by The Shadows (1965)
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    No pics but
    SINE Project, Structure Details for Queen Alexandra Bridge


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    Burdon ?

    Second only to ....

    Full time Mum
    Forever Living business owner
    Nail technician
    Juice Plus advocate
    Cambridge Diet instructor
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  13. Cox Green Fc

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    Has the best Indian food in the country . Fact
  14. oldmanofthemountain

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    Amberley Street was a vibrant centre for trade and commerce.
  15. daedalus

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    Sunderland was the first seat of learning in England- scholars came from all over Europe For ecclesiastical studies 300 years before Oxford university was opened
  16. Schwarzy

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    Its council leads the way in corruption.
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    Not strictly Sunderland, but Janie Jones, of the eponymous Clash song, was born in Seaham.
  18. Jimmer13

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    Biggest Shipbuilding Town

    Jack Crawford I think?

    Sunderland Flying Boat, named after the Town

    Warships named after the Town/City

    Liberty ships first invented and built on wear in record time before America started producing them to help the war effort and a great cost.
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  19. Bladecat

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    Or Sheffield
  20. Burke & Hare never operated in Sunderland. They never lived in Sunderland. They'd probably never heard of Sunderland.

    They never robbed a grave in their lives. They were murderers. Serial killers, as the modern day parlance would have it.

    Grave robbing was very much rife in the time that Burke & Hare were alive and living in Edinburgh, but there is not a single scrap of evidence that they robbed a grave. No pies were consumed in Sunderland or elsewhere containing B&H meat. The Sunderland connection is an urban myth. Look around at the town and cities where they were meant to have operated. Unless they ran a McDonald's style franchise, then it was impossible for them to be in all of those places.

    They were murderers, not grave robbers.
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