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    Don't think there ever was a tunnel as such, but there was a resevoir there long before the concrete one. Think it was for Leechmere brickworks which was once there.
  2. Aleppo inspired by Burleigh Garth apparently as well.
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    That’s impressive, must have a look in instead of driving past

    Penshaw monument is a half scale replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens
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    No mate, the Temple of Hephaestus is a 2:1 scale replica of Penshaw Monument.
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    I believe there is a report on this on the 28 days Later Urban Exploration site. I haven't registered so can't search it, but recall it saying a pipe ran from it to the paper works. Whether the pipe ran in a tunnel, I don't know.
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    He’d just popped into Jackie whites for some smoked haddock and half a dozen fish cakes.
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    The report has been thinned, but still there. Report - - Well 'o' Doom!! Sunderland 25/05/08 | Industrial Sites
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    I nearly bought the first house on the river Wear
    Strangely I now live by the mouth of the Wear so own one of the last.....
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    Joined up years ago but only did one report. Taking an interest again though.
  11. Having looked at the historic maps and had a look last night on the way back from the match I know where it is.

    The land opposite the Mill Hill roundabout is raised around 20m. Hallfarm road goes through the middle of it so I imagine this was originally a small hill that has been dug out in the middle. Strangely I've never noticed this despite going to Mill Hill school that overlooks it in the 1970s and living within a few hundred metres of it since then :oops:. In my defence I assumed the raised area was man made from the groundwork waste :D.

    I can confirm the estate itself is part of Warden Law itself as the rest is a continuous slope.
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  12. Thanks Steve, will certainly be having a visit to St Andrews.
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    Mucky Gray probably bucked her after a London away game.
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    An invite was made to Adolf Hitler to meet Neville Chamberlain for secret talks to try avoid war , venue was the Bungalow Cafe , Roker, to avoid London media attention , that particular meeting was changed last minute to Munich . FACT
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    Actually it was 1974
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    The footpath/disused railway line that goes from behind the Museum Vaults to the Barnes through to Sainsburys was part of the Hetton Colliery Railway Line (onto Warden Law Hill and Copt Hill), was the first railway in the world to not use animal power and the first entirely new line developed by George Stephenson.
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    Class name.

    Be a class name for a band that

    Cromwell spent some time in hiding at Offerton
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    It's mint
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    Is that why there's a signpost to Germany outside of it?
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