Facts about Sunderland

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    The Wearmouth Colliery shaft, opened in 1835, was the deepest mineshaft in the world, reaching a depth of 1700ft.

    When the Titanic sunk one survivor was a Sunderland man originally from Southwick – working in the engine room of the doomed liner.

    When US President Abraham Lincoln was assasinated in 1865 he was watching a play by Sunderland born Tom Taylor – the play was titled “Our American Cousin”.

    In 1923, Sunderland Chief Constable F. J. Crawley pioneered phone boxes.
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    On 31st August, 1976, Mr TheWanderer was born in Sunderland and is believed to be the only surviving human to be born with two stomachs.
  3. Both the light bulb and hand grenade were invented in Sunderland and the first place in Britain to make glass. I think these are all shattering facts.
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    It was the 7th most bombed town in WW2 because of its shipbuilding connections.
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    Ulysses S Grant lay the foundation stone for the museum in town.

    It was the first place in England where the Cholera epidemic was reported in the 1800's

    As a result of the Victoria Hall disaster, emergency exits were made to open outovers
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    Before being named a City, it was the biggest town in Europe
  7. Bins only emptied once a fortnight?
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    It is the greatest place on earth with the finest folk to go with it
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    As Wearmouth Collierys shaft was brick lined it was also the tallest brick wall in the world
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    If it was a shaft then Shirley it would be a chimney no
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    We were the biggest city in Europe without a cinema for a good few years after the one at Park Lane closed
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    Invented in Gateshead (by someone from Sunderland)
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    Plarzy square (pennywell) was the first street in Britain where everyone had sky tv.

    Bunny hill is man made.
    Waste from hylton castle iirc.
  15. Sunderland AFC were once crowned Champions of the World :cool:
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    isambard brunel designed and built the north dock at the harbour

    St.Bede recalculated the Christian calendar at monkwearmouth
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    The old wearmouth bridge was once the longest single span cast iron bridge in the world.
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    The Alex bridge was once the heaviest in the country and had anti aircraft weapons stationed on the top deck during WWII

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