East Coast line to be taken back into public ownership again

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Flared Hicks, May 16, 2018.

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    Playing truant on the Sunderland council meeting! tut tut! ;)
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  2. pavarotti1980

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    So which bits are incorrect then. Apparently private operators run their own infrastructure (with the exception of stations). This is not the case. There is a fact. Care to rebut it?
  3. Boris Bear

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    Seaburn Station...managed by Arriva
  4. pavarotti1980

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    Yeah try reading again. With the exception of stations. Although network rail run quite a few too.

    Is arriva responsible for the track, Bridges and tunnels on that line?
  5. Surely it's the franchisee who has to do the due diligence?
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  6. Boris Bear

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    I read it a couple of times and it made no sense.

    Arriva are responsible for the ticket machines, network, WiFi, electrics, station screens, etc, etc, etc.

    They also have to pay to use national rail’s systems. They also have to put networks on trains and a shit load of systems that hang off that. They have to guarantee to spend millions every year specifically improving the customer journey (e.g media and information deliver). There’s a hell of a lot of expensive infrastructure behind that. Pretty much every operator is similar.

    There’s a few facts for you.

    How long have you worked in the transport industry marra?

  7. The same people who would jump all over Diane Abbott for getting a few numbers wrong in the heat of the moment seemingly can't get their own figures right after weeks of running their models through their spreadsheets.
  8. Boris Bear

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    Maybe they did and they inserted an exit clause
  9. pavarotti1980

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    I will make it dead easy for you. Does Arriva look after the track or anything else that the trains runs on or under? I specifically said with the exception of stations......
  10. Boris Bear

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    Why are stations an exception?

    How long have you worked in the industry marra?
  11. So they skimmed the cream off the top then legged it into the sunset then?
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  12. pavarotti1980

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    Because operators and network rail run them. We have already established that.

    So only people who work in the industry are able to read what network rail are responsible for?
  13. Boris Bear

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    Ok, to be clear, network rail also devolved the management of some other infrastructure (track and track-side) last year following policy changes in 2016.

    So if you don’t work in the industry how are you so certain in your ‘facts’?
  14. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    Publically available information. Unless of course network rail lie on their website?....
  15. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Do we know that they did that?
  16. He might know someone who does and, you know, talk with them

    I thought ending a sentence with a question mark usually indicated that you were not sure of something and were asking a question.
  17. Boris Bear

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    I don’t know...do they lie on their website?

    I think you’re saying that operators don’t manage infrastructure other than stations. That’s incorrect, so let’s have the next fact.
  18. maghater

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    Branson blames failure by network rail to implement improvements to the infrastructure that would have increased passenger numbers and thus profitability were not carried out as promised. Lord Adonis admits to this. Dont know how much this has screwed the figures, but as a fairly frequent user I found the service far superior to the likes of Virgin Cross Country and Tp express. Delays are however too frequent (usually due to factors beyond the operators control), and this must be having a negative impact on rail travel.
  19. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    Looking after the railway

    So which operators do maintain track infrastructure?
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