taking kids on holiday outside of school holidays

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Spennymackem1981, May 16, 2018.

  1. gabbiadini1

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    Unfortunately due to my job that’s not always possible. He’s 9 and learns way more out of school, travelling. The school have actively encouraged it on a couple of occasions..
    I’m guessing you don’t take your kids out during term time?
    Horses for courses.
  2. Some Random Guy

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    If he had a term time holiday or two do you think he would be stacking shelves at B&M?
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  3. And there is nothing saying he wouldn't have done that had you had holidays in term time
  4. dom

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    I believe you should take the kids on holiday whenever you can.
    This Government don’t give a shit about educating your kids, so they’ll not miss anything much while away!
    Just more rules to keep the plebs in their place!
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  5. I'm saving to get me and the bairn a holiday in a few years time, I'm going to take him somewhere nice - he wants me to save up for a mansion though :confused::lol:.
  6. CatRyan

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    I was never taken out of school to go on holiday. Neither are my nieces and nephews or my friends' kids.
    If it meant not going on holiday I'd not go on holiday.

    What with one thing and another I won t be going away this year myself.

    It's not the end of the world. I don't know when it became an expected thing to go away like this?

    Even Barbie's mansion costs an arm and a leg.
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  7. :lol:

    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    ermm sort of....but if french culture and education are the joint top priorities the cost of camping in the summer holidays isnt that prohibitive to be fair.
  9. CatRyan

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    Well we were brought up with the expectation of Oxbridge and going to school which I think did help him in achieving his goal.

    He doesn't take his children out of school to visit home with his kids. Ever.

    He comes once on his own and once with the kids and not his wife and his wife visits with us without the kids separately so we all get to see each other regularly.

    That's the other thing trying to manage our holidays as 6 siblings so we get to see everyone.

    It is possible and none of the children here in Japan or Ireland miss a day of school.
  10. AndrewP

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    Shit that like. I feel did you, don't think I've ever not had a holiday.
  11. gabbiadini1

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    Mines nothing to do with cost. It’s the career I have and availability of time to spend with my son.. At the age he is though, he learns a multitude more travelling than sitting in a class room. It’s a no brainer. If he was struggling at school I may think twice, but he’s doing unbelievably well and benefits from visiting different places and learning first hand about different cultures and countries.
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  12. I haven't had a holiday since 2009 man :lol:. If and when I do I will look to it having as minimal impact on my sons schooling as possible (IE just taking him away a couple of days before a term ends, if I really needed to etc).
  13. gabbiadini1

    gabbiadini1 Winger

    He never comes here with his kids? That seems a shame.
    Edit. Just seen he does. Shane the kids can’t experience that with both parents though.
  14. CatRyan

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    Can you raise both arms?

    Think fast.

    It's ok. Lots of people can't get away on holiday for one reason or other. It's not the end of the world and some things are more important than paying a fortune to look at a man in a mouse suit because you can't generate your own entertainment.

    He comes with his kids. He'll be here with them in August. He was here with them at Christmas. He will come again without the kids. And his wife will come alone a separate time.

    They also have holidays with both parents and kids to her parents and stuff.
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  15. Some Random Guy

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    It's not in my house.

    Hope this helps.
  16. mickeymoor

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    County's such as Cumbria where a majority of residents work in the tourist industry don't fine anyone
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  17. AndrewP

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    I don't work all year not to have a holiday.

    Each to their own though, I prefer it to a flash car.
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  18. CatRyan

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    It does thanks. :lol:
    Was beginning to think everyone expected a family holiday away every year and just took their kids out of school to save paying too much for it.:eek:
  19. dom

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    Let AI take the holidays, they’re taking your jobs!
  20. AndrewP

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    I realise this, it just saddens me that you have to miss out on a holiday, especially when you're single. Can you not even get away with your mates?

    I expect two holidays minimum, prefer that to spending £70 PW on tabs.

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