taking kids on holiday outside of school holidays

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  1. I've hardly read any of this thread partially because my kids have left school but mostly because I can't see what the issue is. It is up to each set of parents (and their kids if they are old enough to be able to put forward a well thought out opinion) to make the decisions that they think are best. I have on occasion thought about pulling my kids out for holiday a day or two earlier but they both didn't want to do this so we had holidays later. I would never have considered more than a day or so. However, I do have sympathy with families who struggle to afford holidays at peak prices especially when some schools seem to just have down time at the end of term anyway.
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    I know. Im using your logic of skipping a few days equates to missing out on uni, and ending up working in B&M you clown.
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    I don't know what B&M is but someone tried to explain it to me once... It's a shop right?

    That wasn't my logic.

    You do understand that right?

    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    genuinely curious, what career limits you to term time only holidays?
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    Are you one of SBC's writers?
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    I work in the music industry as a touring technician (a roadie lol) Summer is generally a very busy time. It varies year to year. Generally work over xmas new year too. Sometimes tragelling for months at a time so grab whatever quality time I can with my boy. Occasionally he will come out to see me too. He’s seen more in 9 years than a lot of people will see in their lifetimes.
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    Should I call social services or has someone else already done it? :lol:
  8. Depends.

    If you're going somewhere decent it's fine but if you were to take them to say Benidorm & Turkey then you'd quite likely be locked up.
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    Icmeler and Marmaris were nice before all the scratters turned up.
  10. Luckily I can take time off when I want (been off since Easter :cool:) but many people are restricted to holidays that may be on a first come first served basis or denied them at times of high workload. Combine this when both parents are in this situation and it's inevitable that many people can't get away outside of term time.

    You're being very judgemental and condescending even though you have no practical experience of going on holiday as a complete family unit, or having kids and being in a position where you have to weigh up the pros and cons.
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    Amazing isn't it. :lol:
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    The fishing industry used to mean I couldn’t go on holiday during summer months when the salmon fishing window was open - I was forever getting random calls to go see the head as my mam had rang and we were going on holiday the next day and needed to go home , they were the days of teletext last minute deals
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    Why make the comparison about dropping out of uni & stacking shelves?
    Or are you denying you said that earlier on?

    This whole thread is just showing your middle class snobbery, trying to make out you dont know what B&M is just the most recent example of many. They have plenty of shops in that there London anarl. Maybe if you got out more & traveled round the country a bit you'd know.
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    Not my best. Are you familiar with Sir Lancelot?

    All my own work
  15. This lass was lanced more times than a boil -

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    My hairdresser closes the salon and has a holiday in January. He's busy over the summer as people want their hair done for holidays, weddings etc. Everyone wants their hair done for Christmas, so by January the salon is dead and it makes sense closing for a holiday when he doesn't have many customers.
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    You can all spend time together as a family without leaving the country you know.
    There were 6 kids 2 parents and 2 dogs. Foreign holidays all together weren't really feasible.

    August is pretty dead for them too though and most people with kids like to stay home for Christmas especially as it is so far to get anywhere hot.

    Remember them.
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    Can imagine any industry thats dependant on tourism, school hols will be busiest period & getting time off will be difficult.

    Many people also work for small companies where they cant have lots off at the same time, and is a bit of a fight to get in first. You could do what Cat suggested & leave one parent at home, but i mean, ha'way :lol:

    You've been given real life examples where its not just about foreign holidays. UK holidays also cost more & not everyone can get school hols off together. Yet you're still maintaining its about foreign trips, and you're calling others stupid?
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    Maybe they should have thought about that before "breeding" so often. You seem to think my family is oversized, even though it's half the size of yours.

    You say you don't have kids, so based on that you have no idea what it's like to be a parent, or what it's like to take your kids on holiday, or probably how much more it costs during the school holidays. Basically you know nowt.
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    Just playing devils advocate but rather than pulling your kids out of school could you not ring in sick? It amounts to the same thing but is arguably less selfish as you’re taking the flack for the cheaper holiday rather than potentially impacting your kids education?
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