Sky BT and other ISPs trying to ban Kodi and now streaming sites

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bagpuss, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. sima-hebburn

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    if you can view it, it'll be easy.

    even the un crackable is no problem now

    After the Denuvo DRM protection for Capcom's Resident Evil 7 was recently cracked less than a week after the game's release, what used to be considered practically "uncrackable" copy protection is looking quite a bit less valuable. Now, Denuvo is defending its "Anti-Tamper" technology, saying it's still the best copy protection currently available.
  2. sedling

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    I think putting the software in the end device (TV etc) is the way to go though.

    Everything up until now presumes your device will be 'dumb' and therefore just plays a stream of video without any interaction at the chip level..
  3. safcforever

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    They quoted me £30 a month because I wasn't a BT customer. If I was they would have added it cheaper
  4. AndrewP

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    What a rip off.
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  5. Chocolate Fireguard

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    Thanks for this. Spo even if the ISPs start deep packet inspection there'll still be ways round it?

    Somebody will sell a thirty quid gadget on ebay that plugs into your telly and lets you stream from a computer. Or you could just not buy an advanced 4k telly with blocking software built in. There'll always be somebody making a decent TV that doesn't have the software on it, there'll be a massive market for it if telly blocking software is effective.
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  6. @AndrewP

    Can you clear some space in your inbox mate. Want to PM you.
  7. sima-hebburn

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    helps if they get ip address right

    “The Second Supplemental Brasich Declaration stated that the IP address for the Vultr/Choopa server was 108.61.191.ll4. However, the correct IP address for the Vultr/Choopa server in question is in fact, a transposition of the final two digits.”

    A few days ago news broke that the MPAA was granted a broad injunction, allowing them to shut down the domain names of Pubfilm’s alleged pirate site ring.
  8. Sleepy

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  9. Been watching through a VPN this weekend after Virgin blocked my usual site last week and it's been garbage, buffering to fuck :evil:
  10. DaveH

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    I can not see that happening. 15 years ago, people sat and watched video content on a big telly in their bedroom or living room. Now a lot of viewing is via tablet and other mobile devices. Some is smart TVs, other is the likes of chromecast or firestick.

    Some people I work with have splashed the cash on a big TV but sit with their tablets on their knees watching one thing on a small screen while their missus watches something else on her tablet. Sounds awful to me, but that is the modern world. Students do not take TVs to uni anymore.

    If a provider made a service that can only be viewed on one device, I can not see that selling well at all. It just does not fit with consumer demands. It would be a bit like when iTunes added DRM to their content. People were suddenly limited to where they could play their stuff, turned to pirates until the likes of google and amazon filled the void legally and cheaply.
  11. GK

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    They can't shut down that server in e.g. russia
  12. kamaras-tash

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    Watched our match without a single issue for free on kodi yesterday, no vpn no paid sub nowt
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  13. AndrewP

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    How were the paid sites yesterday?
  14. Sleepy

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    Hearing SS had some issues. Anyone else confirm?
  15. James

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    SM didn't miss a beat.
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  16. AndrewP

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    You would think that would be the first one they would try to ban.
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  17. Bob Fleming

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    Wouldn't stream for me like. Just kept saying no stream. I'm on BT so dunno if they have started blocking.
  18. ontap

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    watched SS all day and night never flickered

    have you got BT shield disabled ?
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  19. Sleepy

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    Maybe just a few lads with local issues.
  20. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Mine hasn't missed a beat all,day been watching all,the premier games on NBCSN

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