Sky BT and other ISPs trying to ban Kodi and now streaming sites

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bagpuss, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. GK

    GK Striker

    SM was perfect today.
  2. Can ISP's block at individual IP level?

    UM (SM) blocked by Virgin last week for me but son-in-law on Virgin could access it fine! I thought it would be a generic block?
  3. viccarlton

    viccarlton Striker

    When I cancelled Sky last year I asked the person on the other end of the phone" wouldn't you rather have £40 a month off me as opposed to nothing?" , of course their reply was " sorry it isn't me who sets the prices" so I cancelled and now they get nowt.
  4. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    It would be network level mate. Of course they could do individual but that wouldn't make sense.

    Same for you today? Maybe just a glitch last week.
  5. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    It was a bit buffery but swapped to spmc and was totally fine so I probably just needed to switch server .
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  6. Pallion exile

    Pallion exile Central Defender

    Anybody able to tell me roughly how much data is used watching a match on a mobile phone, please? My allowance is 1Gb per month, but I have no idea what that gets me.
  7. Skrabble

    Skrabble Midfield

    You would eat that up quick if it was a HD streams.

    Download 3g watchdog and it tracks your data consumption.
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  8. Pallion exile

    Pallion exile Central Defender

    ta, I'll give it a go.
  9. Barboza dh9

    Barboza dh9 Winger

    Sky have blocked Mobdro today
  10. Kobayashi

    Kobayashi Central Defender

    Wonder if they'll follow up this action with a tougher stance on us cancellation jockeys......
  11. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    The app on tablets? Just tried mine and it's working. I never use it like, been about 4 or 5 month since the last time I opened it.
  12. DaveH

    DaveH Striker

    Does anyone know of a website that Sky blocks? I am interested in seeing what ways there are to access it.
  13. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    Probably any big name torrent sites
  14. Barboza dh9

    Barboza dh9 Winger

    Was me tablet and Samsung Phone back on now ,, happened to loads
  15. ontap

    ontap Striker

    i cant be arsed to download and try cos its shite always has been but i know lads on sky BB , who watched it tonite no probs

    loads mate, try any torrent site
  16. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    Most likely that the site itself was down for a while. It's not really in ISP's interest to block websites without a court order.
  17. ErichZann

    ErichZann Winger

    I'm with Sky and just tried mine - it works fine.
  18. Barboza dh9

    Barboza dh9 Winger

    Didn't work on WiFi ,as soon as I put them on 4g through Vodafone came on straight away
  19. alexander

    alexander Striker

    We get all the games we want from around Europe, including the UK, via Danish telly or their websites. Their websites are included in the subscriptions and every single Premiership or CL match is shown either live or delayed either on the telly channels or their websites. My VPN comes with a variety of host countries and when am in the NE I log onto the Danish one and when back home I use one of the many UK ones from the list available. But must admit with footie being freely available here in Scandinavia I mostly use my VPN to watch and keep up with EastEnders. :oops:

    There used to be a ruling in place saying no English (nor any other country's) football could be shown live on Danish telly when there was a match on from the Danish league. But the ruling changed years ago and now they have matches on all through the week-end. If the Danish FA could change the ruling I fail to grasp why the English FA cannot do similar ? It must be frustrating to know people all over Europe can watch live 3pm kick-offs on the telly but being in the country the match is being played in means you can't. It would frustrate me and am not easily frustrated.
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  20. ouro

    ouro Striker

    I use that but still got a warning email as they could 'see' me seeding through uTorrent. I think that's the explanation, anyway.

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